Aromatic Spritzers

What is an Aromatic Spritzer? An Aromatic Spritzer is a combination of essential oils and water. Sometimes a dispersant is used to diffuse the essential oils within the water. What can I use an Aromatic Spritzer for? Aromatic spritzers can be used as: Room and air freshener Body sprays over which an aromatic blend willContinue reading “Aromatic Spritzers”

7 Steps to manage Stress & Anxiety

Stress Management is one of the most challenging things to achieve in these days when we seem to be constantly running from one task to the other and MORE seems to be the key word to everything in life. More of this, more of that: we try to divide our attention between everything and nothing seemsContinue reading “7 Steps to manage Stress & Anxiety”

The Cell, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Kung Fu & Essential Oils

Ok: so what do all these – apparently so different – things have in common? In the movie The Cell, Jennifer Lopez plays a doctor who goes inside the patient’s head to help him get free from his own condition which may go from phobia to other major ailments. What’s so incredible about the movie,Continue reading “The Cell, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Kung Fu & Essential Oils”

Second Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho

It’s the second time that Skin at Heart proudly presents an interview with Raquel Carvalho, a naturopath and aromatherapist who manages the Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho and who is the founder of the online store Wulu where we can find a great supply of 100% natural products with biological certification. In the first interview Raquel shared her pathContinue reading “Second Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho”

Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho

Interview with  Raquel Carvalho, a naturopath and aromatherapist that brings natural solutions for every situation. Raquel manages the Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho and she is the founder of the online store Wulu where we can find a great supply of 100% natural products with biological certification. 1 – How did your passion for natural medicineContinue reading “Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho”

Why is Aromatherapy effective?

Today I would like to bring your attention once again to the potency of Aromatherapy. If you haven’t read the interview with psychiatrist Ihuaku Ndukwe on the subject, you may want to take a look at it now. You may also want to read the relationship between Aromatherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. And here’s an excerpt fromContinue reading “Why is Aromatherapy effective?”

Interview with Psychiatrist Ihuaku Ndukwe

My good friend Ihuaku Ndukwe is a psychiatrist who currently works in Norway. She will give us a quick overview on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and why Aromatherapy can be effective. I have addressed this issue in an earlier post, thanks to the tips this dear friend and excellent professional gave me on the subject. 1Continue reading “Interview with Psychiatrist Ihuaku Ndukwe”

Interview with Naturopath Jessica Deggerone

Skin at Heart had the pleasure to interview Jessica Deggerone, a naturologist who works in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has a wide experience with essential oils and aromatherapy. 1 – How did your contact with essential oils started? My first contact with essential oils was during my graduation in Naturology and, since then, the loveContinue reading “Interview with Naturopath Jessica Deggerone”

Aromatherapy & Psychology

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy is a goal oriented psychotherapy treatment that focus on practical behaviors to solve the issues it addresses. The aim is to change thought patterns and therefore behaviors that are under the person’s life needs. This embraces a wide variety of emotional situations such addictions, phobias, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping or relationship challenges, just to nameContinue reading “Aromatherapy & Psychology”

Why and how to use a diffuser for Essential Oils?

Diffusing essential oils is one of the ways to get the most out of them. It is quite powerful to breath essential oils both for the body and the mind. When you inhale an essential oil, it comes in direct contact with the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain (memory, nerves) which is directlyContinue reading “Why and how to use a diffuser for Essential Oils?”