Interview with Mariette Capinha

Mariette Capinha is a Moon Mother and Sacred Feminine Therapist whose inspiring presence transmits a lot of serenity. Being with Mariette is almost like being immersed in nature. Mariette founded Academia Florescer do Ser with the aim to instigate awareness in women about their cyclic nature and their reconnection with the power of Mother Earth.Continue reading “Interview with Mariette Capinha”

Interview with Poet Nuno Higino

Nuno Higino is a Portuguese writer and poet specialised in children and teenage literature. He owns the publisher Letras & Coisas and he radiates joy and light wherever he goes. His writing is imprinted with a certain delicacy that sends us back to childhood where time seems to be suspended and magic is everywhere. IContinue reading “Interview with Poet Nuno Higino”

Interview with Therapist Jamina Ann

It is rare that one comes across such a compassionate professional as Jamina Ann da Silva.  I had the pleasure to work with Jamina Ann on several occasions and what makes Jamina such a successful therapist is that she fully embodies what she teaches. Jamina is able to guide us during the consultation with suchContinue reading “Interview with Therapist Jamina Ann”

Interview with Mental Health Coach Kjersti Hattrem

Skin at Heart is happy to share the interview with Kjersti Hattrem from Self Love Daily with KH. I met Kjersti in Oslo and our story, just like life, is full of ups and downs. We were flatmates for a while and becoming friends with Kjersti made me go deeper within myself, it helped meContinue reading “Interview with Mental Health Coach Kjersti Hattrem”

Interview with Personal Trainer Pedro Ribeiro

Pedro Ribeiro is a Personal Trainer who dedicates his life guiding people through health and wellness. His passion for physical education started when he was a child, which lead him to study that area and acquire a long and wide experience within training and motivation. Other than being efficient, focused and positive, Pedro is anContinue reading “Interview with Personal Trainer Pedro Ribeiro”

Interview with Adrian White on Mental Health Charity

In the first interview, Adrian shared with us his passion for music and his experience as a professional musician. This time, we’re going to take a closer look at the Charity Run that Adrian and Teddy are about to embark on!  It was a true honor for me to not only be able to doContinue reading “Interview with Adrian White on Mental Health Charity”

Interview with Florbela Lages, founder of INGAH

I’ve known this extraordinary woman since College. Florbela has huge eyes with a transparent expressivity and a soft voice with a sublime delicacy that transmits a profound serenity. Her presence transpires harmony and balance, a perfect simbiose between sweetness and firmness. It is with an enormous gratitude that I have the honor to share theContinue reading “Interview with Florbela Lages, founder of INGAH”

Interview with Manuela Tavares from Holistic Woman Therapies

I met this inspiring woman in a Mystical Night. With more than 20 years experience in holistic healing, Manuela has been developing several therapeutical practices, creating self-development courses. I had the opportunity to experience the Oracle of Crystals, a beautiful divinatory art that Manuela accomplishes in an efficient and precise way. Mineral energy is indeedContinue reading “Interview with Manuela Tavares from Holistic Woman Therapies”

Interview with Priestess Astreia

Thanks to the miracle of the world wide web, I’ve been connected with Astreia, since she was one of my Mentors during the Shamanic Course by Nación Pachamama. We’ve been talking ever since and sharing perspectives on the life of the human being and societies today. Astreia is one of those voices that adds valueContinue reading “Interview with Priestess Astreia”

Interview with Bart Ensing on Working Hours

Work is one of the activities that takes the most time in our lives. Therefore, it is important to take an active look at the way societies have structured working hours. Time has increasingly been a major concern for new generations (and it may be the key to explain the paradigm of success for Millennials)Continue reading “Interview with Bart Ensing on Working Hours”