Interview with Manuela Tavares from Holistic Woman Therapies

I met this inspiring woman in a Mystical Night. With more than 20 years experience in holistic healing, Manuela has been developing several therapeutical practices, creating self-development courses.

I had the opportunity to experience the Oracle of Crystals, a beautiful divinatory art that Manuela accomplishes in an efficient and precise way. Mineral energy is indeed very powerful as I’ve previously explained in this post.

The YouTube Channel Terapias Mulher Holística is also an information source managed by Manuela who also dedicates her energy to several causes, including animals rights and also book gathering for the library of a local prison. This attitude reflects her life motto: “we are spiritual beings having an earthling experience”.


1 – Can you share your path with us? How did you start with holistic therapies?

When I was 22/23 I built my first pendulum (I didn’t know that was the name of it), but it did allow me to communicate with someone I couldn’t see. It was a vehicle taking me to other dimensions for which I had no explanation.

When I was 27 for several reasons and synchronicities, I went to a city in Portugal where there was a spiritual studies center, where I begun to give my first steps and to have contact with what was called: Karma, reincarnation, cause-effect. And there, everything in my life started to make sense.

The cycle of the souls begun to make sense, all the reincarnation process, all the process of coming and going. All the missing pieces of this immense puzzle that is called life, started to come together. And that was the beginning of the big picture.

Later, way later, I found a self-knowledge school with 5.000years old called kabbalah, also known as judaic esoterism or judaic mysticism.

I had never really identified with anything judaic, on the contrary, but I started to realize that kabbalah knew a lot and they could answer the why of the why and they gave me answers for everything.

This is still one of my main references and what has pushed me into these courses, these workshops that I do on self-transformation.

Then, the radionic table came up and that was a tool of the Universe at my disposal. It was love at first sight! I understood right there and then it was a love for life.
Later, came the oracle of crystals which is a divinatory art with minerals. We all know about the healing power of crystals, but to know that they can “speak” with us is incredible. And it happened.

So in my appointments of Radionic Table, I also use the Oracle of Crystals.

It is an amazing wedding: Radionic Table + Dowsing + Crystals.

And so I am working with it until today. In between I use other tools.


2 – What is an Oracle of Crystals? What about Crystal Therapies? In what ways can stones and crystals assist the physical and emotional wellness of the human being?

The Oracle of Cyrstals is a divinatory art, but instead of the traditional cards, the reader uses stones/crystals.

Therapies with crystals are more and more promoted, because it is to nature that we must get our essence. It is to the Earth and the Sea that we must get what we need, with all the respect for Nature. Stones / crystals are part of our source. The concept of soul cycle takes us to our mineral state. For that reason, stones are healing and each of them has its vibration / color / energy / effect.


3 – What is the correct way to clean stones? And to energize and/or purify them?

Not all of them, but great part of them can be washed with pure water.

We can also place them under the sun and the moon.

And, of course, we can clean them with Selenite or Amethyst Druses.

Water and salt may also be possible, but not to all of them, so it is risky especially when we don’t know which ones can take that cleansing.

Sea water is also a great tool. Even we need it to cleanse and energize. Crystals need it too.


4 – In what way does inner work assist people to “surrender” and trust synchronicity and life’s flow?

I don’t know any other way. Inner work is THE WORK that each person needs to do.

Even though we search for many “anesthesias”, for many escapes and helps, nothing compares to inner work.

Help we can always have. But the process in itself is done by ourselves and by each one of us in particular.

Each one at its time, in its moment, in its rhythm. No comparisons, no analogies, because each karma is a karma, each dharma is a dharma, if we all had the same reincarnation process, so we would all be absolutely equal and we are not.

It is very vague when one says: “He who looks inside awakes, he who looks outside dreams.”.

But this axioma is real. It only needs to be a little bit better explained and taken in, so the courses of self-development make sense and the tools that we have for accessing our soul. I call them passwords. Those are keys for opening heavy doors, hard to open, but that deep within they are nothing more than curtains stopping us from seeing what is obvious – the soul – and its immense wisdom.


5 – “Love Yourself, Take Care of Yourself, Respect Yourself” is very powerful! Other than this, what other words would you like to share with Skin at Heart for health and wellness?

Surrender! Trust! Accept!

In the day that we are able to surrender, to trust blindly and to accept the result, we are happy beings in the world.

The voice of the Ego is our greatest enemy. Because it makes us walk in between faith and certainty.

We all say that having faith (even in ourselves), but when that demands the certainty in that faith, doubts pop up. To that one calls ego and in aramaic ego is satan.



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