“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

Natália Costa Skin at Heart


I’m Natalia, founder of Skin at Heart. My health and wellness journey started with Aromatherapy in 2014. I was skeptical at first, but then I surrendered to the evidence and essential oils have been a part of my daily life ever since.

I started to create skin blends for other people and pets too and the results were so good that this took me further into natural skincare solutions for everyone. The blends are solely created with vegetable oils and essential oils and they are made on demand. 

After studying electrical engineering and working with energy for many years, my interest in human energy increased leading me to deepen this subject while I was living in Asia experiencing the health principles of ancient philosophies like Taoism. Living in a Kung Fu Retreat for several months and learning, practicing and teaching Qigong led me to the creation of the Qigong video with my daily vitality routine. Qigong – also known as Taoist Yoga – is based in the health principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s the act of nourishing health by coordinating body movements with breathing.

Skin at Heart was created in 2016 as a platform to share tips on how to use essential oils for a wide variety of purposes. As I combined what I was researching with my previous studies, I realized that everything is energy, including human beings. Skin at Heart evolved into energy medicine, especially to share books, interviews, exercises and mindset tips.

Joie de vivre is an expression I believe in, meaning the joy of living. For me, this translates as being authentic: living through the wide range of states that life offers with acceptance which expands in an overall sense of serenity throughout any situation and the capacity to admire synchronicity. Sharing wellness makes my heart sing, I love a good laugh and music is my home.

Welcome to Skin at Heart, the energy in you!

Natália Costa

Education & Training

  • Feng Shui Basics by Espaços Que Curam, Energetic Consultant of Spaces
  • Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Qi Gong Teacher by Nam Yang
  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher by Arhanta Yoga Academy
  • The KonMari Method
  • Certified Kung Fu Basics Instructor by Nam Yang
  • The Science of Happiness by University of California, Berkeley
  • Andean Priestess by Nación Pachamama
  • ANURA Tarot Reader
  • Certified Oil Massage & Aromatherapy by Wat Pho School
  • Certified AromaTouch Technique by doTERRA
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy by New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
  • Heart Intelligence Coach by Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence
  • How to Be a Resilient Person: the Science of Stress Management and Well Being by University of Washington
  • Academic and Business Writing by University of California, Berkeley
  • Certified Reiki Level I by Spaso Zen
  • Leadership for Engineers by Delft University of Technology
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering by Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
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