Interview with Frederic Kiernan from Creativity and Wellbeing Research Initiative

Frederic Kiernan – from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music – is the Research Coordinator of the Creativity and Wellbeing Research Initiative from The University of Melbourne. I found out about this Initiative during one of my online researches on the topic of Energy Psychology which culminated in this article. This is a theme I amContinue reading “Interview with Frederic Kiernan from Creativity and Wellbeing Research Initiative”

Interview with Video Shaman Alex Lipton

I came across Alex Lipton’s work thanks to the brilliant videos he develops with Bruce Lipton. Alex’s impressive text Crisis Ignites Evolution where he explains why the challenges we’re being faced with now, are our opportunity to “arise and express our fullest potential as a species” is a must read! Alex Lipton is the creator of Video Shaman whereContinue reading “Interview with Video Shaman Alex Lipton”

Interview with Jackie Wrafter, Director of Kianh Foundation

Meeting Jackie Wrafter was one of the most gratifying things of my journey as I’ve mentioned here! Jackie is an inspiring lady, a wonderful soul who created the Kianh Foundation in 2012, after moving to Vietnam 19 years ago to work with a local orphanage with disabled children. Her work has been changing the lives ofContinue reading “Interview with Jackie Wrafter, Director of Kianh Foundation”

Interview with Energy Healer Sonia Cheng

As a Level I Reiki Practitioner who deeply enjoys researching each subject in depth, I was delighted to meet an experienced Reiki Therapist who has traveled the world investigating the same subjects as me. I had the pleasure of meeting Sonia Cheng from London Heart Healer, Healing with Heart at the Kung Fu Retreat and weContinue reading “Interview with Energy Healer Sonia Cheng”

Interview with Musician Adrian James White

I met Adrian at the Kung Fu Retreat and it was incredible to have him around playing the guitar daily. This was the set of weeks with the most unusual and interesting group of people. The Kung Fu Retreat was often a grey place too stiff and with an overall lack of joy, the extraordinaryContinue reading “Interview with Musician Adrian James White”

Interview with Personal Stylist Merriam Amani from Merriam Style

I came across Merriam‘s work through her clarifying videos where she shares powerful and insightful tips in understanding Kibbe’s analysis of the body and how to use it to benefit our style and image. The tips provided by Merriam are a wonderful guideline for people who may be confused or uncertain about what flatters their bodyContinue reading “Interview with Personal Stylist Merriam Amani from Merriam Style”

Interview with Yoga Teacher Chris Yonker

I had the great honor of meeting Chris at the Kung Fu Training Camp. Chris is 70 years old, she moves as a 20 year old and she laughs as the timeless soul she is. Meeting Chris brought me greater depth into Yin Yoga, an area I’ve been exploring in the last year, but whoseContinue reading “Interview with Yoga Teacher Chris Yonker”

Interview with Shamanic Poet Lucidor Flores

Lucidor Flores is a perfect example that some people make the world special just by being in it! Lucidor is an embodiment of love and joy, showing with his mere presence that life is poetry in motion. Founder of Nación Pachamama, aiming to bring us back to our natural connection to the Earth, awakening usContinue reading “Interview with Shamanic Poet Lucidor Flores”

Interview with Tantra Jedi Shaft Uddin

I had the pleasure to meet Shaft Uddin in Pai, Thailand at the Kung Fu Training Camp. Shaft is an expert in Tantra whose experience is quite considerable. He calls himself Sacred Sexual Jedi and once you get to know him, it’s easy to see why, since his magnetic light shines bright and strong radiatingContinue reading “Interview with Tantra Jedi Shaft Uddin”

Interview with Ed Nowek, founder of Planet Bee

I met Ed Nowek at the Qigong Retreat, other than the sharing obvious interest in health and wellness through the practice of Qigong and Meditation, I’ve discovered that we also shared a passion for healthy natural skincare products. Ed’s biggest passion is the bee’s world and that was what lead him into the creation ofContinue reading “Interview with Ed Nowek, founder of Planet Bee”