Interview with Olivia Nowek founder of One Earth Consulting

I recently came across One Earth Consulting, a company that develops marketing for your business suited to your sustainability vision. One Earth Consulting was created by Olivia Nowek, a talented professional with a genuine concern for the environment, working towards sustainable solutions and, therefore, ensuring our role in our home, the Earth, doesn’t compromise ourContinue reading “Interview with Olivia Nowek founder of One Earth Consulting”

Interview with Bart Ensing on Meditation

Bart Ensing is a dutch traveler, philosopher and entrepreneur that I recently met in his second journey around the world. Bart has also been experimenting different health and wellness techniques, but the one he is continuously more and more fond on is Meditation. What better theme for Aprils Fools’ Day than Meditation, that inner stateContinue reading “Interview with Bart Ensing on Meditation”

Interview with Massage Therapist Michelle Founder of Shell Therapy

Michelle is a Professional Massage Therapist, founder of the incredible Shell Therapy. We met at the Kung Fu Retreat during the Qigong Instructor’s Course that Michelle was attending. So we had these two wellness areas in common: Qigong and Massage Therapy. She works in Ibiza and her wide range of services includes Wataflow, whose description amazedContinue reading “Interview with Massage Therapist Michelle Founder of Shell Therapy”

Exclusive Interview with Tantra Expert

Become Skin at Heart’s Patron to see this content! 🙂 If you’d like to support Skin at Heart’s work, you can do so by donating monthly through Patreon. Find out more details and advantages of becoming Skin at Heart’s Patron, by clicking here!This content is available exclusively to members of Natalia Costa’s Patreon at the timeContinue reading “Exclusive Interview with Tantra Expert”

Interview with Shamanic Healing Therapist Maria João Angélico

Maria João Angélico is a powerful therapist with incredible empathetic abilities. In her presence one feels light and serene, since her voice transmits a lot of peace and appeases any stormy state. In her first interview we found out more about Maria João’s path from Engineering to Shamanism, in this second interview we’ll read moreContinue reading “Interview with Shamanic Healing Therapist Maria João Angélico”

Interview with Lea Farrar from Bain de Forêt

I met Lea Farrar at Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in February and I was impressed with the incredible project she is running in Canada. Lea is responsible for Bain de Forêt, a magical place in Québec, which serves us a retreat for the frenetic lives we live in. As I heard her description and admiredContinue reading “Interview with Lea Farrar from Bain de Forêt”

Interview with Integrated Holistic Therapist Branca Amorim

I met Branca two years ago in an Aromatherapy workshop lead by me that took place in Human Light, a very pleasant space surrounded by the mysticism of nature and with an incredible energy! But it was only recently that our paths have crossed more intensely and I came to find out we have similarContinue reading “Interview with Integrated Holistic Therapist Branca Amorim”

Interview with Makeup Artist Marlene Vinha from Pretty Exquisite

Marlene Vinha is a makeup artist and blogger, responsible for the beauty section of Pretty Exquisite, a Portuguese company that offers Beauty and Fashion services. I met Marlene in one of my good friend’s wedding as the makeup artist of the bride. Marlene was able to capture the natural glow of my friend and createContinue reading “Interview with Makeup Artist Marlene Vinha from Pretty Exquisite”

Interview with Susana Matias creator of The Hour of Mothers

I met Susana Matias in Thailand while she was attending a Qigong Instructor’s Course at Tao Garden. We immediately connected, given the multitude of subjects we have in common. Susana is the creator of A Hora das Mães, a blog and podcast totally dedicated to real life super heroes: Mothers! She is also the motherContinue reading “Interview with Susana Matias creator of The Hour of Mothers”

Interview with Martina Fajarudin

I have met Martina at the Kung Fu Retreat when she visited Nam Yang with her husband. We immediately connected since we had a lot of passions in common. Martina is a beautiful soul with a very mystical vibe. After working in Europe for several years in Law and Fashion, Martina has moved to AsiaContinue reading “Interview with Martina Fajarudin”