Interview with Shamanic Healing Therapist Maria João Angélico

Maria João Angélico is a powerful therapist with incredible empathetic abilities. In her presence one feels light and serene, since her voice transmits a lot of peace and appeases any stormy state.

In her first interview we found out more about Maria João’s path from Engineering to Shamanism, in this second interview we’ll read more about other therapies that Maria João offers in her shamanic practice:

1 – What other techniques compliment Shamanism and can be used in spiritual evolution?

There are several techniques, fields and even no technique to evolve spiritually. I use to say that the person who lives in the field planting its own potatoes and with no specific study on the subject may be the most spiritual person for the inner wisdom that possesses. Anyway, today we have a wide range of methods to help us in self-knowledge and personal development.

I work with tools that have been helping me in this process, such as Karmic Astrology, Reiki, Shamanism, Tarot, Radionic Cosmic Table and Family Constellations.

In my website you can find the description of my work and these tools.

2 – In what way does one define the most adequate technique to help a specific person or situation?

The adequate technique for each person is personal discovery. The person needs to feel called and experiment, see what makes sense to him/her and how that can help him/her connect with himself/herself. I have tried several things and there were areas with which I didn’t really identified myself, but which also helped me understand that my path wasn’t on that direction. Other areas I needed them in a specific moment in my life, but then they stopped making sense to me. Everything is cyclic and has a function in a certain period of our life.

In any way, we can also evaluate the state in which a person arrives, sometimes there are people who get here in an unstable emotional state, very misaligned and in those situations I generally recommend a therapy that allows an energetic cleansing and an alignment of the chakras to stabilise the person. After this phase, other areas are introduced like for example Astrology, with the reading of the astrologic map, where the person – now balanced and focused – can absorb and integrate all the information that will be transmitted.

The astrologic map is a the photography of the sky in the moment the person is born, the reading I do of the map is a karmic reading where I speak of some experiences that the spirit had in past lives, patterns it has brought to this life, limitative beliefs, fears, blocks and some challenges to overcome, as well as gifts and potentials that the person developed and that has now available during this incarnation. It helps understand why we attract certain situations and people to our life and the function that they have in our spiritual growth. This understanding allows us to increase our awareness on ourselves and our life path, taking us to states of deeper acceptance and inner peace.

The spirit animal, I consider it to be a tool on self-knowledge, because it relates a lot with our mission in life, with the lessons to be done and with the characteristics we have and also our shadow side. It is very interesting to study the animal and see how it behaves in nature, strong points, fragilities, how it solves certain challenges and from then we have an image of ourselves and we find resources in ourselves we didn’t know until then that may help us deal with the challenges we bring.

3 – There is still a certain stigma from society related with these techniques for lack of knowledge. What steps can be given to fill in that blank?

This area has gained more and more field in society in the last years, more acceptance, more people come and experiment and dissolve some stigma and resistances they had. More and more, people have also been assuming this as a life path and make this their profession, breaking a lot of questions of uncertainty, fear, beliefs and society itself. There’s a lot of disclosure of this type of work through all the means that we have available today. And I feel that we must only continue in this alignment and continue naturally this growth.

I also think that we can’t instil nothing to people, nor have the necessity to prove whatever it is, this is something that must be experienced and that naturally will make sense or not. As I said, to develop people don’t necessarily need to come in the direction of these holistic therapies, it may be a process that happens naturally inside them with the situations their own life creates. I say many times that true spirituality is “outside” in front of life and people who surround us daily, that is the greatest proof. In this “side” we only work as facilitators of the process and we use techniques that may help gain more clarity more rapidly. We can develop through pain or through awareness and when we are aware, we accept and live the pain in a totally different way, in an act of love.

4 – How can we form therapists to work and lead these fields? What characteristics are necessary to follow this path?

Those who are willing to work in this field must be faithful to themselves, to their own essence and to be aligned with their life purpose. For that, the therapists must pass themselves through a strong self-knowledge and self-development process. That which they will do with others, must they do themselves first. I also believe we can only take others where we have been, other than that, we don’t know yet.

Now, who rules this: nobody, there is no entity who does that. Any person can initiate this work however or wherever, in any conditions, it’s delivered to the Universe, to the Law of Karma (action/reaction) like all of us in any life circumstance. The return and the response come to the surface one day, from the natural movements of life itself who ensures to always balance everything.

5 – In what ways can each person work to raise intuition?

There are several techniques that can help develop intuition. For me, meditation is one of the best, because you train emptying the mind which is the address of the ego and it doesn’t let us listen to intuition and this method also puts us in a higher state of receptivity and quietude, one becomes more attentive.

Usually we abuse of the left hemisphere of our brain, which is the side of logical thinking and we don’t value so much the right side of the brain which is connected to intuition, creativity and emotions. All that can help develop the right side of the brain will help to improve intuition. When we become more emotional beings, with no fear to express our emotions and dedicating ourselves to more creative activities. Intuition is connected to fire, the observation of this element in nature and creating connection with it, helps us to connect with our intuition.

I also recommend a book by Osho called “Intuition”, where there is a lot of detailed information on the subject.

6 – What daily mantra is a good support for those who are in the path of spiritual evolution?

From what I’ve been seeing, not everybody identifies with this spiritual discipline: the mantra. In my opinion, mantras are not strictly necessary for those who are in this path, especially, because this path may take many forms and mantras are one of those forms. For those who identify with mantras – and I myself use them sometimes – mantra is a sentence that must always focus something that I want to attain and it must transmit a positive vibration. We can create our own mantras with what we want to work inside ourselves. I really like to say or think “I am in total balance and in inner peace with myself and all that surrounds me.”. In fact, that is the main goal, to be in inner peace, because if one is in peace, it doesn’t matter what one is living, whatever surrounds us, what I have or what I don’t have. Many times, human being wishes to have that house, that car, that person, that trip, that knowledge, and for what? To feel that emotion or state of spirit of wellbeing, happiness, peace… then, why not ask for that directly? It’s easier!

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