Interview with Makeup Artist Marlene Vinha from Pretty Exquisite

Marlene Vinha is a makeup artist and blogger, responsible for the beauty section of Pretty Exquisite, a Portuguese company that offers Beauty and Fashion services.

I met Marlene in one of my good friend’s wedding as the makeup artist of the bride. Marlene was able to capture the natural glow of my friend and create a beautiful makeup that was both adequate for the bride and that reflected my friend’s personality. We talked a bit about makeup and skincare and I am delighted to bring you this interview.

1 – Can you share about your path?

I started by studying economy, then painting and then drawing. But beauty has always been something I’ve been into, both for vanity and necessity, since I had acne in the end of my adolescence and that made me be extra careful with the skin. Makeup was a love that came up later, but it was ravishing. I took a self-makeup course and ever since then I started to use it daily, from there to doing it for others, it was just a small natural step!

2 – What are the main care to have with the skin to keep it healthy, young and beautiful? Why do people don’t have that so present in their daily lives?

I can talk about my own skincare routine, which may be different from other people, but that it’s always a cliché. Sleep well, drink plenty of water, be happy, dedicate some time to take good care of the skin and that includes, at least, to clean, moisturise and protect from the sun. To everything else, I suggest that you check my blog, because I share everything that I use there, no secrets!

I believe that people don’t pay more attention to the skin for cultural reasons. I see that, in general, people prefer to invest in a more expensive purse, or on their nails or to go to the hairdresser regularly, rather than investing in the health and the beauty of their skin. To me, a healthy beautiful skin, that doesn’t necessarily have to be young, transmits a more positive message than any other material good.

3 – In what way does makeup contributes to the wellbeing of a person? Why is makeup an emotional uplift?

Because makeup, when well applied and adequate, is the fastest and most immediate tool to enhance the best we have and to cover tiresome and raging signs. Looking in the mirror and to be satisfied with what you see is the fastest way for the day run better.

4 – What are the basics of makeup that you recommend?

It depends from person to person. Maybe a person with a lot of dark circles can’t go by without the concealer. Me, for example, I can go by without it. For me, when I wear makeup, it’s more important a foundation (that I use as concealer or vice-versa), eyelashes mascara, pencil for eyebrows and a colourful lipstick.

5 – What last words would you like to share on health and wellness of the skin?

I would like to re-inforce that there are no secrets and the most important is to have a routine that is based in just three products. The regularity of the products application and their adequacy will be the secret for a healthy skin!

Picture taken by Dulce Daniel.

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