Interview with Massage Therapist Michelle Founder of Shell Therapy

Michelle is a Professional Massage Therapist, founder of the incredible Shell Therapy. We met at the Kung Fu Retreat during the Qigong Instructor’s Course that Michelle was attending. So we had these two wellness areas in common: Qigong and Massage Therapy. She works in Ibiza and her wide range of services includes Wataflow, whose description amazed me and made me very eager to try it. Since I took some massage courses myself and read a bit on the topic, I was delighted and grateful to know more about this wellness world through the experience of a specialist who has worked in this field all her life. So in Michelle’s own words, let’s find out more about the power of massage therapy:

1 – What has drawn you into massage therapy?

I have always been drawn into occupations that help others. I love to work with people and to find a practice that makes people feel incredible is simply a magical feeling for me too. I am fascinated with the body and mind and how powerful both can be. A force not to be reckoned with! I feel like I help people find their power within themselves for healing, strength and calm both physically and mentally.

2 – How can massage therapy contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing?

Massage therapy is an integral part of people’s well-being. Often looked on as a luxury, it is actually a fantastic tool for maintaining good health, and it feels great! Regular massage reduces stress levels by promoting the production of ‘feel good’ hormones in the brain. Stress is a major cause of sickness and disease. Massage improves your immunity by increasing blood and lymphatic flow and the generation of new cells. This in turn creates more youthful appearance and vitality. Massage speeds up recovery from injuries and is very effective in reducing scar tissue. Massage detoxifies and cleanses bodily systems. It also manually manipulates tendons, muscle and facial tissues, keeping them functional and elastic. Massage can also transport people into a higher state of consciousness, where they grow more aware of themselves and their world.

3 – What main forms of massage are the basis of your practice and what are their specific physical and emotional benefits?

Deep tissue massage is a favourite amongst my regular clients. These treatments allow for optimal physical performance for many of my professional sportspeople. Deep tissue massage relieves tired muscles and promotes faster recovery. Working alot to relieve fascial tension, deep tissue massage helps prevent injury and structural imbalances.

Thai massage is another popular massage style. Thai massage is a great balancing therapy that works with the body’s natural energy systems, diminishing blockages and enabling optimal flow. Clients often experience a deep relaxation followed by a feeling of vibrancy.

A lesser known but very powerful and moving therapy I offer is Wataflow. A body treatment carried out in water. A held space, perhaps more of a meditation, where one can really let go and surrender in the beauty and sanctuary of water. Your body is moved gently above and below the surface of the water, while your mind is transported to endless realms of blissful possibility. An incredible experience.

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