Interview with Shamanic Poet Lucidor Flores

Lucidor Flores is a perfect example that some people make the world special just by being in it! Lucidor is an embodiment of love and joy, showing with his mere presence that life is poetry in motion. Founder of Nación Pachamama, aiming to bring us back to our natural connection to the Earth, awakening us with words through the 21 Days Practice which cultivates beauty and awareness, inviting us to be present in the now:

“Instead of escaping, I suggest an honourable and simple acceptance. The free acceptance liberate us from the violent fadigue that we create with life, storing old marked letters. Now that is over, let us jump into the now without leaving anything outside of it… on the threshold of this instant’s poem there is a Presence which is Love in waves…”

I had the great honor of meeting Lucidor Flores and Isolda Flores when I visited Tao Garden last year in an incredible splash of synchronicity to which I am deeply grateful. More than a Shaman or a Poet, Lucidor is a human being shining his light wherever he goes, making it a powerful and inspiring source of inspiration to all of those around him.

It is a deep celebration for me to bring you this interview on peace and awareness, on being human and flowing through life.


1- What is the key for inner peace?

First we need to understand what is peace. It is not the opposite of war. Peace is the understanding in the unity of life, it happens in the consciousness, when it is awaken and understands its true nature. Peace is a natural state of consciousness. It is an understanding and no a state of no war. To awaken the Consciousness, one must go towards attention, awareness and sustain it, breath after breath. When you are aware that you are ware then, Consciousness strips the mental veils of concepts and images and breaks the dawn, awakens and its nature is peace.


2 – Why do we carry so much suffering and non-conformity?

The flame of dissatisfaction is lighten up by Pachamama to keep ourselves awake. We try to extinguish it with lovers, professions, objects, progress, though family and it doesn’t work. That happens so that we turn inwards and we look where we must look for it, inside where the Flame is, where the Fountain of Alive Water is, the one which will extinguish dissatisfaction definitely and the addiction to suffering.

We can yes, but first one must get out of the mind-ego complex and surrender to the open and fraternal heart that loves in freedom.


3 – When the person wants to change how can the person do it? Where to start?

To change, the person needs to have an understanding of the now, and to have a teaching linked to reality without fantasy and, if possible, a Master. However, in the West the Master theme was not understood and there is always a certain resistance to this subject, replaced by therapist or religious leaders, but a Master mirrors you the Way and the most essential in yourself. It is necessary to enter in an unknown territory with a guide and not with a map, and to do not fall in the traps of the Way of Transformation, and to direct the effort to the way of transformation.

First one begins to be aware, one is aware. We start becoming aware of Consciousness and one starts learning to discern mental Consciousness which is ego and memory, and Essential Consciousness.

We know we are evolving when stability and clarity visit us often.


4 – What is the root cause of disconnections we feel in the world? How can we improve that?

The root cause doesn’t exist, the disconnection doesn’t exist, this language of connection is a modern thing caused by the syntax of machines. We are not disconnected, we are asleep, and we lost all the loving sensitivity. Then there is a tiresome and a confusion. In this cloud of perception, everything seems far, but it is not. We are rooted in life, since Conscious-Heart.

We improve that when we learn to contemplate, and we get of the the obsession of doing, of escaping and of wanting more and more, when we do not do these three actions, the BEING becomes clear, quiet and brilliant. And this is not an improvement, but a realization. It happens, it appears, it flows now, when we have understood that it is not from doing, even though this is doing meditation, if that doing comes from the mind, it is fleeing back to a time that memory presents as wonderful, or fleeing towards Go forward, wanting to find in a place or in a person something that is not outside, but that you carry within your BEING.


5 – Why did we depart from nature and how can we reconnect ourselves to revitalize within it?

We departed due to cultural influence. The industrial revolution produced a culture that divided life. Life in our cities and life in nature, this division was malign to Nature, that in the Andes we call Pachamama and experience it as a BEING amongst beings. Maternal and wise. We moved away due to the vice of comfort. And out of the fear induced towards Pachamama, by religion and academy. In the field there are bugs, there are snakes, you are away from the doctor, there is no air conditioning, no cell phone signal, etc.

To reconnect is a beginning, going on free days to some open wild place outdoors, but what Pachamama dreams is a return to the original sources, Communities of sisters and brothers living free from all the heaviness and pollution, making their clothes, their foods and their educational and medical systems. Learning or relearning the art of living.


6 – What can we do specifically in the societies today to align who we are inside with the activity we have on the outside in a productive and self-sufficient way, meaning how can we sustain ourselves as we keep alignment with our essence?

Doing must be aligned with BEING. To do or to work in something that you ARE not is pathological and it creates neurosis. We try through a process of self-knowledge to know who we are, to know what to do, if you are an artist and you work as a lawyer, you will be a sad, dark lawyer. The productivity is not what we are looking for, that is the quest of the production oriented society that sees humanity as an object of production and consumerism. We are human beings who live with quality. This is a balance between time to do and contemplative time. Without this balance any work is pathological. For that, you must seek a job that is aligned with your beings so that your imagination is creative and you are abundant with few work hours of work, so that you have free time to love.


7 – How can we discover our role in the world?

Self-knowledge, getting to know yourself through observation, paying silence attention, with no judgment to your innate tendencies and I’m not talking about a therapy but something essential. You feel the purpose. The purpose is clear to those who are intimately connected with their deepest Self. We come here with a purpose, and we are a consciousness, when the intention and the purpose get together, we find out that we are essential beings who are here so that all can fulfill their dreams.


8 – What specific steps can we give towards our wellbeing and our self-discovery?

The first step is to learn to be aware.

So learn to orientate the attention to the awareness.

And do not waste energy talking or with image and ego.

This is the basis of gathering energy for a higher internal perception which will lead us into knowing, feeling and understanding who we are and what is is that we are here for.

Wellbeing is a sub product of everything else.


9 – How can we break karmic patterns (and what are karmic patterns)?

People call karmic patterns to repetitive actions where we fall in chaos and suffering. However, I call it lack of attention. If it is the product of a pattern, we have to make it a pattern to be aware, to pay attention. Maybe the karma or the repetitive causal action is the lack of attention. If you are aware, conscious, sensitive and in connection with now, you overcome these obstacles that reiterate.


10 – How can we change the way we feel? What can we do to cultivate balance?

We change the way we live more and more in a Consciousness state. And in that way we change the way we see life. In both body memory and psychological memory, there may come certain tendencies, but these are not determinatives, nor do they flow if you are aware and aligned with the SUPREME INFLUENCE. Meaning, Life is One, it is the Sun that all magnificantly is available to see for all those who are awake. The minor influences, the astrological influences, the DNA, the karma of past lives, the psychological memories of this life, etc, fade away in view of an instant of total communion with the Whole. This is simple and easy, it doesn’t need a spiritual engineering. To prepare to this state of attention, I suggest to be aware of the breath, inhalation, and exhalation…


11 – How can we feel life without becoming overwhelmed by all the emotions that life brings us? How can we learn to live with emotions in a state of balance/serenity?

Life doesn’t bring us emotions, they are a product of the person. The instant arrives clean, either we like it or not, it is ourselves the psyche, that translates this instant in the brain and generate emotions. The more surrendered you are to the moment of now that breathes reality, the less dualistic emotions you will have. The more alert you are and available to this moment that arrives and that goes, the less reaction you will experience in the subconscious. And in that way, you will leave impersonally, without the heavy emotional charge that consumes so much energy and produces so much dispersion. We call this serenity.


12 – How can we heal our deepest wound? What is the deepest wound?

We carry in our backs the existencial wound. It happened when we left the paradise of the uterus of mother. It has a meaning, a purpose. It makes us dissatisfied with what we achieve materially or emotionally. And that takes us to an inner search. And the inner quest takes us to the Way. The different ways take to the Real Way. This way is in Consciousness. It is ourselves. That is where the wound is, and also where the healing of the wound lies, it is a hole that only heals when we meet with ourselves. Only Unconditional Love heals this would. This would boosts us to search something, which in reality is to go back home. You must reborn once again said Jesus, it is the same as saying to go back to the uterus of the heart, inside of which we feel who we are, in that oceanic vast consciousness, there is no more wound nor pain, and we are once again complete.


13 – How can we heal the relationship with our parents and/or family and why is that the key to a lot of what we are/feel?

The Way starts when we set ourselves free from any kind of mommy and daddy. They represent the brain of protection of authority. It is a state of maturity, in which we are no longer connected to something (a bible, rules) or someone (mother, father, a guru, a therapist, a doctor, a priest) that occupies the space of Consciousness. It is necessary to cut this energetic rope so one begins to walk and to risk to live the adventure of Consciousness. Without any guide, the truth is found in the unknown field where we should be stripped from authority and without any authority whatsoever. The master occupies the space of giving energy to your bravery and not of being your father or your mother. It is important to set yourself free of any kind of mother and father, because we are liberating ourselves from the blood ties and we are replacing them with friends, addictions, emotions, thoughts or the paternal ego who tells you what your should do and how. It is vital to set yourself free from any kind of mother and father.


14 – Why does the usage of language limits us? In what way can we transcend that?

Language is subjective and, as such, each ego understands or protects inside words whatever it wants or fears. Therefore it is very difficult to learn or to communicate. As you become aware, the use of language matures and you begin to use words with art and not technically. Until the true non verbal language arrives, that which happens between mother and baby, between boyfriend and girlfriend, between enlightened and enlightened, between an art peace and a being who feels it. In my case, it worked the training of reading and savouring poetry, maybe that makes us more ample and universal to be able to use words with art and with love, so that all can feel the inner vibration that this sound brings.


15 – How can we transcend all of this? Why is creation the biggest mystery of all and why does Man feels such a need to know that? Where does that curiosity come from? Why can’t we just live simply and enjoy day to day, one step at a time, as most of nature seems to do? Why did we create this separation between our essence and nature?

The Mystery is the game of the Goddess. This life is a game, nothing else. Do you play? The mystery is what keeps us active, another dissatisfaction that mobilizes curiosity. This makes us look further and as we look further, the question becomes more refined, first with material questions, if the earth is square or if it rotates around the sun, if it is the nordic or southern pole, how the solstices work, until the question becomes more and more refined and turns into “who am I?”, “what for am I?”, “why was it me who became me?”

This is the meaning…

Once we arrive to the deepest curiosity, we arrive to the essential fabric that separate us from the Whole and there we will spend so much time as intense is is our necessity of knowing. If we are intense, only an instant is necessary to walk through that door which is always open to those who are not lucid. For those who are passionate about living and knowing what is this life made of, it is only one instant, one step, in the first step so is the last step, for he who is divided, fragmented, that his curiosity is from an adult or it is fragmented in a thousand curiosities many lives may go by. But the meaning of this mystery/curiosity is this, to inquire.

The separation is an illusion of the ego, there is no separation in the now, we are in the ocean of life, enjoyable and pure consciousness.


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