Interview with Video Shaman Alex Lipton

I came across Alex Lipton’s work thanks to the brilliant videos he develops with Bruce Lipton. Alex’s impressive text Crisis Ignites Evolution where he explains why the challenges we’re being faced with now, are our opportunity to “arise and express our fullest potential as a species” is a must read!

Alex Lipton is the creator of Video Shaman where he combines his two greatest gifts: shamanism and videography. Alex is obviously passionate about these two fields and, therefore, he is combining them in an inspiring way serving the world with his natural talents. Alex is also one of the organisers of the Human Origins Conference, which will take place in 2020 whose theme will be “In Plain Sight: The Hidden Truths of our Cosmic Legacy”.

In this interview, Alex shares his path with us and what we can do to restore balance in our home, the Earth.


1 – What has lead you to create Video Shaman and what has attracted you to do the work you do?

Originally the term “Video Shaman” was a nickname given to me by one of my clients that I used to work with doing video editing and production.  In the field that I work in I tend to gravitate towards people and businesses that address the nature of reality in new and interesting ways.  I essentially serve as a “shaman” of the technical aspects of video production, computers, and implementing creative ideas into manifesting a final product.  I began to take the title of Video Shaman very seriously in this regard through my professional video work, at the same time as I journeyed my way through many personal rites of passage in life.  To give some further context to this, we can take a step back in time to when I was in film school and was working as an intern at Silver Pictures on the Warner Brothers back-lot.  I remember such a vivid experience happening there that changed my outlook forever.  I was given a task to deliver some screenplays and other paperwork from my office to another production house on the lot, where I found myself driving a golf cart on a beautiful Southern California day through the ally’s of Warner Brothers.  All around me I surrounded by massive sound stages, film crews, and famous actors when suddenly a thought dawned upon me, “Wow, this is my dream come true… THIS is the environment I’ve always wanted to be in since I was 8 years old… THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO!”  And just as I felt this wonderful feeling, an epiphany erupted in my soul, one that made me literally stop the golf cart in it’s tracks, a new thought that never occurred to me, “This is NOT what I want to do.” As true as it felt, it sounded crazy in my mind.  You see, I was a “gopher” for the Silver Pictures production offices doing tasks that were truly demeaning and honestly degrading to my mental health.  Despite the fact I was the back-lot of Warner Brothers I realized that it was all a facade, and that my true purpose was not merely to rise up the ladder of Hollywood, to essentially slave away for other people with the end goal being to “entertain” people.  I knew for a while that there was more to life, and that my purpose was to help raise the consciousness humanity… it was clear to me at the time that I was not going to be able to do that by simply “making movies”.  I needed to walk a different path, one that led me to study Shamanism and evolve my understanding about the nature and reality.  So ever since then I’ve been interweaving my childhood dream to create and make movies with the dream to connect to spirit and translate its purpose into a way of life.  Over the years I’ve become close with many spiritual and scientific leaders of the world, learning all the while about how we are in the midst of a massive shift in global consciousness and how our personal experiences are directly linked with the bigger picture.  With all that being said, to me Video Shamanism the way of life that allows me to be Spiritual and Scientific at the same time.  Filmmaking as the Science, and Shamanism as my spirituality.


2 – What can we actively do daily to restore balance on an Earth and/or to minimize the harmful effects of our past actions in our ecosystem?

In regard to the question of “what can we do” to restore balance on Earth, I am reminded of something very important that I learned while working in Australia several years ago.  It seems counter intuitive as an answer but may I just suggest that maybe what we should all “do” might actually be, to do nothing.  Haven’t we done enough?  Sure at first this sounds wrong but if we look at the “actions of doing” in context with the “essence of being”, generally in the world of western civilization the emphasis of life has been defined by “what we do”.  Usually during a crisis we are driven to do something about it, rarely do we just stop everything we are doing and reflect in our own being.  It seems to me that we are in this out of balance situation on earth because we have historically perceived of ourselves as separate from nature.  The crisis in nature that we face is one that we ourselves have made, we did this to mother earth.  So I suppose the first part of my answer on what we can actively do to restore balance on earth is not to do, but rather to stop doing… and just be.  When we reflect in our beingness and simply listen, we will receive the true wisdom of life from within, that we are one with nature and not separate from it.  As Einstein said, “we cannot solve the problems of the world with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place.”  We need to change our thinking first.  This is the essence of the very much needed shift in consciousness required of us in order to help restore balance to mother nature.  In all practicality I think the best thing for everyone to do is to embark on their personal journey to discover their spiritual connection to the whole.  There is no one way to do this, it is a very personal experience which I think is a relief because mother nature is giving us a major opportunity as long as we simply decide that we want to change, and by reflecting in beingness, our G.P.S. (greater personal self) will guide us on what we can physically do to bring the balance back.  So in conclusion, first we must reflect in our beingness and quiet our mind in order to receive wisdom, then we can proceed with doing things to make the world more harmonious.


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Published by Natalia Costa

I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness (raising energy) is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the key to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Video Shaman Alex Lipton

  1. Hi Matthias. Thank you for your feedback. I was quite pleased to interview Alex and share his vision. He does the videos for Bruce Lipton and he wrote one of the newsletters that I’ve shared here, because I really enjoyed it, so I was curious to know more about his point of view and this interview inspired me very much! I’m glad it inspired you too! 😀

  2. I have to be honest, when I first saw the picture I though “what can this (young) guy be teaching ME!”. Obviously, my ego is quite strong these days hahaha
    But I really loved when he said we should all stop doing something. This is it! We should enjoy being. Or bring being into everything we do…as Eckhart Tolle says.Then it is not important if we save the world (extrem example) or clean the dishes (more realistically to most of us 😉).
    We live in a world full of expectations that we have to do something in order to proof our worth or be successful. Our “successfulness” has brought us on the brink of extinction.
    Thank you so much for sharing this Natália

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