What I’ve Been Learning with Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton was one of the most amazing things I found out throughout this year. Lipton is one of the pioneers of our time in epigenetics and the work that he has been developing it’s not only very inspiring, but also very clarifying and I would even say life changing.

In this incredible seminar, Lipton shares the work that he describes in his book The Biology of Belief, although I highly recommend the book due to his brilliant sense of humor. He also wrote The Honeymoon Effect that is a wonderful book in anyone’s life and a gift from him and his wife Margaret to anyone who wishes to pursue the bumping road of self-development further and further.


So the main things to take from The Biology of Belief are:

The environment and very specifically our perception of the environment changes our genetic activity. So the environment in which the cells live determines their behavior. This is where we go from victim to mastery, from genetics to epigenetics. No gene causes cancer. What happens is that the emotions stored in our body such as anger or stress, raise our cortisol levels. And this causes the blood vessels to shut down and enter in flee or fight mode which leads the blood to the extremities: arms and leg, because all the energy goes to the protection mode, shutting off the immune system and therefore making the body weaker in the long run. So the gene didn’t really caused it, because it was related with lifestyle all along. If we change the lifestyle, we change the gene.

Why the movie The Matrix is a documentary:

The brain of a child in the first seven years has a lower vibrational consciousness. The imagination, the propensity to hypnosis, it’s much stronger. If you don’t have any program in the hard drive you can’t create. Data is just hypnosis, you watch and repeat, you watch and learn. You watch your parents, you watch the adults, the people that surround you; in the first seven years you just observe and learn. Seven years is the time it takes to put a filter in the behavior. Your life is a printout of your subconscious behavior.

The conscious mind is creative. The subconscious mind works through hypnosis or repetition, it’s like a record always playing in the background. The challenge is that the conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg, the one who is truly running the show is the subconscious mind.

It is possible to change old habits and behaviors, through being aware of them and using energy psychology techniques to change our thought patterns and belief systems. Bruce Lipton has a wide list of resources in his website that works with this topic. I’ve been through each and every single one of these resources and I highly recommend: Psych-K, the books Code to Joy and Instant Emotional Healing and the sound meditations by Centerpoint. These are powerful tools that can help us delete the old behavioural programs and create a new behaviours based in empowering belief systems and thought patterns that assist us in living the life we want to live. It was through these tools that I discovered Bob Proctor’s work and perhaps the most important book I’ve ever read: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

So, as you can see Bruce Lipton has made huge advancements in the way we perceive ourselves and our capacity for change through scientific biological investigations. This is groundbreaking because it puts the power back in the human being and its infinite capacity for creation.


Another thing that really resonated with me was this excerpt from The Honeymoon Effect that speaks for itself:

“I sit here looking at the crisis facing humanity and I’m excited because I believe they’re a sign that we’re on our way to the next level of evolution, a new belief system that will shape a civilisation based on harmony and self-empowerment.”


In a very simple way Lipton explains why it is so important to manage our Energy Budget properly and what does that actually mean! This is something that it’s very much aligned both with Energy Psychology and with Quantum Physics and it’s a subject I will dive into in upcoming posts!


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