Interview with Psych-K Instructor & Life Coach Mariette Ham

Mariette Ham is the PSYCH-K Instructor and Facilitator I worked with and that will be leading the upcoming Workshop in Hanoi (30th of November til 2nd of December). The first time I saw Mariette’s website: Changing Your Beliefs, I immediately felt connected to her work and her approach. I had a wonderful session with Mariette that I’ve described furtherContinue reading “Interview with Psych-K Instructor & Life Coach Mariette Ham”

My Experience with Psych-K

A couple of months ago I heard about Psych-K for the first time and its possibilities thanks to the wonderful work of Professor Bruce Lipton. I was quite curious about the procedures that Psych-K uses, since it seemed like its approach was very effective in changing old paradigms. I wanted to study it further andContinue reading “My Experience with Psych-K”

Instant Emotional Healing

Instant Emotional Healing by George J. Pratt and Peter T. Lambrou is a very precise guide on how to use Energy Psychology to heal yourself and/or others. The book is based on the several years of clinical practice of both doctors applying psychology and chinese medicine. The usage of chinese medicine in this context isContinue reading “Instant Emotional Healing”

What I’ve Been Learning with Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton was one of the most amazing things I found out throughout this year. Lipton is one of the pioneers of our time in epigenetics and the work that he has been developing it’s not only very inspiring, but also very clarifying and I would even say life changing. In this incredible seminar, LiptonContinue reading “What I’ve Been Learning with Bruce Lipton”

What I’ve Been Learning with Gregg Braden

A couple of months ago, I watched this video which is a Gregg Braden’s seminar. This would send me off in a soul journey, because through Gregg Braden I would find out about Bruce Lipton, that I will address in Skin at Heart soon, and through Lipton’s work I would find out more and moreContinue reading “What I’ve Been Learning with Gregg Braden”