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Thanks to the miracle of the world wide web, I’ve been connected with Astreia, since she was one of my Mentors during the Shamanic Course by Nación Pachamama. We’ve been talking ever since and sharing perspectives on the life of the human being and societies today. Astreia is one of those voices that adds value to Mother Earth with her daily actions and the dedication to several causes.

I feel very grateful to Lucidor Flores, our common reference, for spreading light and bringing like-minded people together.


1 – What does Shamanism and being a Priestess mean today?

When I visited Mongolia I let myself absorb by that pilgrimage, I felt the dignity of a non-colonized people. There was something in the nomads eyes that I couldn’t explain, maybe it was Pachamama speaking.

It is a country where great part of the population doesn’t recognize itself in a religion other that they are devotees of the sun, the earth, the air, the fire, meaning, freedom.

I feel like that is it, it is a spirit free and wild. It is to feel the forces of mother life with realism, in a way that your being gets aligned with it again, with the cycles, the dances, the crossroads of the way and the shadows that exist in it. It is to feel your own vulnerability with kindness and to awaken again every morning, thanking to the cold wind of winter and the ice that covers the earth.

In the Andes we see a lot about healers, which is another name of shamanism. It is a way that takes you to the encounter with your own Nature, that is not separated or individualized, other than it is experiencing the UNITY of life.

Being a Priestess is a state of feminine awareness, when the voice of the origins opens up to feel unity. That awakens a deep love to life and your being doesn’t fall asleep with the distractions of the senses, the emotional projections and the bombarding of information.

It is about cleaning superficiality to feel life with the deep sincerity, meaning, unmasking the Matrix (like I like to call the consumerism society).

The Priestess is the ones that makes her existence sacred, recognizing reality and filling it in with magic and mysticism. The one who changes dense environments of pain, injustice, disbelief, coloring them with the power of joy and the intimate confidence that the best is yet to come, without fear of being a realistic that uses in everyday life a bit of magic.

The forces of the knowledge of Mother Earth don’t have the purpose of bringing us transcendental experiences, rather of making us awake to the possibility of being who we are. Today, we generally run away from accepting life as it is.

2 – What is the Jaguar-Woman?

It is a woman who assumes her instinct and her femininity. A woman who is able to come out of the mental and emotional worlds, that imprisons us and the obsessive or excessive thoughts in herself, to act, fight and dedicate her voice, her powers, her intuition to help Pachamama in this moment that our planet needs so much.

The Jaguar-Woman learns to manage the energies in her center of power, her uterus, to help social cures, to serve and plant love and freedom.

We can see, a bit everywhere in the world, a spring in which Woman is taking back herself as part of the change, as a creator of reality. This is not a coincidence, it as a collective awakening.

When we study the history of the latin american resistance, we see that many women were fighting for freedom, and they had to leave their house, their children and husbands to move people, to take love letters or to be inside the battle fields. I am delighted to read again and again the stories of Micaela Bastidas, Tomaza Tito Condemayta, Juana Azurduy amongs others.

It is a trait of the jaguar-woman. To unity spirituality with a sacred activism for Pachamama. It is not to pick up guns, it is to revolutionise awareness. Mother Earth calls for awakened Hermanas, sensitive and ready for action.

So, change is not for the few, but for everybody. Woman, allied to man and not against him, generates an immense power that contributes to bloom her vision and sensitivity.

When se allies to the thirst for change, with the devotion to Pachamama, the intuitive power, the love for the earth, the ancestor, the Apus, the people without voice… we awake from an individualistic path to a state of complementarity.

I feel that Jaguar-Woman is, above all, that potential to love, without limits, fears or judgments… To love so much that Pachamama shows herself and we stop directing our power to the necessities of consumerism and the cult of appearances.


3 – What can we do to enhance intuition?

There are very simple exercises to work on intuition, especially related with the heart center, meaning, the heart.

However, what really helps is to do self observation. A bit obstacle we have stopping us from seeing intuition is to project our vision of the world in the others or in situations. That blends the true feeling that is absent of I.

Intuition is free. It feels and sees situations without glasses, because the look needs to be kept clean, without projections and interpretations, so that it occurs by itself, just like the flow of a river that knows the way, without knowing it.

Meditation is the base to clean the vision out of projections, to empty the glass. It also aids to do homework with one’s inner shadows in a way to become aware of them. The 21 Days Practice is really good to tune in that sensitivity.

I suggest a simple exercise that can be done at any moment in any place:

Feeling the Prana, the space wherever you are, inhale with intention and feel your heart filling in with energy. Hold your breath for a few moments, and then exhale. When you free your breath, feel your heart opening like a book and radiate all your love to life.

This simples exercise helps the heart expand (to open). The development of that chakra makes us feel close, without I, and go further in the natural flow, where life and vision occur.


4 – What can we do as individuals and as societies to reconnect more in each other and with our home, the Earth? What needs to change?

Do you know that feeling that, out of the blue, your heart blooms thanking for being alive? That is the wonder touching you.

I feel like gratitude makes the heart sensitive, vulnerable and humble. The consumerism society does the opposite, it causes sensations that there is always a lack of something to be well or happy.

The grateful and contemplative heart, makes you move.

That helps us feel the other, walking on the beach and bring the garbage together in the sand, because you know that that plastic may end up in the bell of an animal, to say good morning to the bird that, every day, comes to the tree in front of your house and sings or to distribute food to the people in the street.

I believe that awareness is the answer for everything. A conscious heart possesses so much strength and love that the distances and the differences dissolve.

If we, human beings, were more aware, maybe we all took care with more dedication to the community sense of life. That is the dream in which we work on and that we call with so much care of Nación Pachamama.

5 – Can you tell us a little bit about Rádio Comunitária Campeche? What does it consist of?

This radio is a creative project of Nación Pachamama, to release our imaginary and to create using the sound, the power of word and the diversion of reflecting about Freedom.

Sol Aguilar, a companion of the movement and I keep a program called Canto Livre that is in Florianopolis in Brazil. The name of the program comes from a song of Victor Jara, a singer, hero, activist and poet from Chile who fought for freedom. That song is our inspiring Muse.

The program is always a mystery, because we open up to infinite metaphors to talk about a subject. So, using poetry, combined with political news, blended with art works, books, fantastic stores, mysticism, magic and so forth, a Canto Livre is born.

Each show creates a new set of themes and situations. It is funny that, when we finish, we are always surprised with what happened. It’s like a new drawing being born. It is very amusing.

Art, united with spirituality, is a precise answer to the this time of human rationality.


6 – What simple ritual can we include in our everyday life to elevate our energetic vibration? What does any person in any place can do at any time?

Wake up to the day saying thank you!

Take a shower and thank that! Feel the lady of the waters and say thank you.

Sit down to eat and say thank you. Feel the sun rays, the invisible hands that cultivate food and say thank you.

Thank for the message of a dear friend in Whatsapp.

Thank for the sun that sets in the horizon. Thank for the magical and invisible forces that help you be in this place where you are.

Thank for all the miracles that we receive in this life.

Thank for having Hermanos, companions by our side…

Thank, not as a mechanical act, but with intention, with awareness. That keeps a sensitive and kind heart.

Thanking is love, and love is the deepest and most intense force that exists to keep us in a high energetic vibration. Love ismayni. Love is Pachamama.


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