Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho

Interview with  Raquel Carvalho, a naturopath and aromatherapist that brings natural solutions for every situation. Raquel manages the Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho and she is the founder of the online store Wulu where we can find a great supply of 100% natural products with biological certification.

1 – How did your passion for natural medicine begin? Can you tell us a little bit about your path within this area?

I have studied Agronomic Engineering and I worked for 7 years with aromatic and medicinal plants. This close contact of the therapeutic power of plants awaken in me the will to go further and to raise my knowledge withing this field. And that’s how it all begun: so 12 years ago I started to study Aromatherapy and I’ve realized that it was not enough so I started my studies in Naturapthics which lasted for 4 years.

Ever since I took several courses in these areas and I specialized in Clinical Aromatherapy, Fitotherapy, Herbs and Natural Cosmetics. I am founding partner and direction member of APA (Associacao Portuguesa de Aromaterapia) and volunteer in a social project called Associacao, o Hospital do Sorriso (the hospital of smile).

I believe that in order to grow we must share our knowledge, our wisdom, so that the universe blesses us with more. This sharing I do it through workshops, courses and public talks in Aromatherapy, medicinal plants, natural cosmetics, where I give to those who listen that which one day I had the privilege of receiving!

2 – What are the main treatments that Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho offers?

There are several therapies with which I work. I do holistic treatments and in this way, according to each patient, I apply the most adequate care for each situation.

The main Therapy is Naturopathics which is complemented with Clinical Aromatherapy, Fitotherapy, Auriculotherapy, Homeopathy, Tui Na, Reflexology, Iridology, Energetic Therapies, amongst others.

3 – Within all these treatments, what is the role of Aromatherapy and essential oils in the wellness and treatment practices of Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho?

Aromatherapy is my great passion and it is by far the therapy that I use the most! With essential oils I reach clinical results that I wouldn’t reach with any other technique. With Aromatherapy I can balance the patient and treat the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual using only essential oils.

I believe that all the diseases have their origin in non solved emotional issues that end up expressing in the physical body. With Aromatherapy we can not only relieve the symptom, like a pain for example, but also treat the root cause of that pain. It’s wonderful!

4 – What are – based on your experience – the main problems that people face these days when it comes to health and wellbeing?

The patologies more common these days are the psychological ones such as depression, stress, sleeping issues, irritability, fears and grieving. However, joint pains and digestive or circulation problems are also present.

5 – What are your general recommendations to enhance health and wellness in life?

As I said before, in order for us to be well physically, we must also be well emotionally. Not keeping negative emotions inside is one of the greatest secrets. Knowing how to love, forgive, accept, not to judge nor wishing harm to the other person is one of the best remedies one can “take”. Of course that we also have to take good care of the precious box we live in, our body, and with that in mind I always say: balance is the key to success! In food habits, in physical exercise and in actions!

6 – What can you tell us about Wulu and the products that Wulu has available?

Wulu was born from the necessity that people have in our workshops of natural cosmetics to find ingredients for recipes. In this way, they can find in Wulu from biological essential oils (with certification), vegetable butters, bee waxes and vegetable waxes, natural conservants, amongst other raw materials to produce home made cosmetics.

They can also find some biological cosmetic products, such as shampoos, body creams, tooth paste, deodorants, etc. Products for babies and children. Makeup. Aromatic and medicinal plants. Vegetable oils, etc… All 100% biological!!!

There are also on-line workshops available on Natural Cosmetics, Ecological Detergents, Natural Pharmacy for Women, Natural Pharmacy for Children, Medicinal Plants and Artisanal Sopa.

7 – Do you have any last words to share with Skin at Heart’s readers?

Yes! Be happy, enjoy life and all the lessons that life brings you! If you smile to life, life will smile back 🙂

I am grateful to Skin at Heart for this opportunity of sharing! Best wishes!

Skin at Heart is grateful to Raquel for this insightful interview. It is also a pleasure to share interviews with like minded people and websites like Wulu where we may find natural solutions that suit our needs.

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