Second Interview with Aromatherapist Raquel Carvalho

It’s the second time that Skin at Heart proudly presents an interview with Raquel Carvalho, a naturopath and aromatherapist who manages the Natural Medicine Clinic Raquel Carvalho and who is the founder of the online store Wulu where we can find a great supply of 100% natural products with biological certification.

In the first interview Raquel shared her path and some of the services and products that both her Clinic and Wulu offer. In this one, Raquel shares with us a few tips on how to use essential oils.

1 – Of all the range of essential oils available, which ones do you consider most important and why?

All the essential oils are important, each one in their own way! However, there are 5 that are mandatory in my home, because with them we can treat a wide variety of situations.

The TOP 5 is composed by Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Rosemary and Bergamot.

With Lavender we can treat from burns to hyperactivity, with Tea Tree Oil from disinfecting wounds to overcoming traumas, with Peppermint from headaches to sprains, with Rosemary from memory loss to cellulite and Bergamot from insomnia to fever. These are just some of the therapeutic properties of these oils!

2 – What are the essential oils that you always carry with you when travelling?

I always take several ones with me. I never travel without Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint.

I also take roll-ons for sickness, bug bites and bruises, because of the kids.

3 – What is your favourite application of essential oils? Why?

Aromatherapy is my favorite way of using essential oils! It may be an electric diffusor made of glass or directly smelling them from the bottle. In this way, essential oils act much deeper, from physical to emotional. Through the electrochemical signs, the oils act directly in our limbic system which sends the information to the hypothalamus, which acts in the endocrinal system and in the autonomous nervous system. However, if you pretend a more direct action to the organs, the massage should be the chosen application.

4 – What essential oils would you recommend to deal with stress and anxiety? How to use them?

Spikenard essential oil is an excellent ally to fight stress, anxiety and depression! It harmonizes, calms and comforts. Its direct usage is through inhaling from the bottle, three times a day. However, it is also possible to apply biological creams for massage to calm and relax through the touch, which is so forgotten these days and it’s one of the most important tools for human balance!

5 – What essential oils would you recommend to fight insomnia? How to use?

For insomnia Bergamot essential oil is very useful because it is a good sleep inducer, calming and sedative. Lavender essential oil and Chamomile are equally important if the reason behind insomnia is an emotional imbalance. It is possible to prepare a blend with these 3 essential oils diluted in a cold pressed biological vegetable oil. When off to bed, one should apply the blend in the face and in the chest with a light massage.

Apply 6 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil in a glass electrical diffusor in the bedroom and switch it on for 10 minutes before going to bed, it will enhance the therapeutic effect.

6 – What essential oils do you recommend for sadness and depression? How to use?

Grapefruit Essential Oil is an excellent choice to deal with sadness and depressive states. It stimulates adrenal gland, helping the person to feel energized and well while at the same time has relaxing properties.

Inhale from the bottle 3 times a day during 10 minutes or use in a glass electrical diffuser during the day.

7 – Is there any practical tip that you can share with us when it comes to the benefits and usages of essential oils in a daily basis?

Essential Oils act physically, emotionally and spiritually, so we can’t forget that it is always necessary to go to the root of the issue and understand what is the reason that made the person fall sick in the first place. What was the emotion that blocked the person, so that we can use the Essential Oil more adequate and its most effective application!

In this way we are able to achieve incredible results, because we will calm the symptom and at the same time, treat the root cause of the problem.

Skin at Heart is grateful to Raquel for another insightful and clarifying interview.

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