Uplifting Essential Oils – Joy Bringers

I like to call essential oils Joy Bringers and indeed that’s what they are. All essential oils have their own emotional properties and they all imbue us with the spirit of the plants that they are made of. Some oils have a natural uplifting and energising action, especially all the citrus oils family.  During theseContinue reading “Uplifting Essential Oils – Joy Bringers”

Recipe for Breathing Relief

In this video, I exemplify how to prepare your natural blend for breathing relief with essential oils: Recipe For 15mL Fill the bottle with a carrier oil (grape seed oil or avocado oil or almond oil or any other vegetable oil of your choosing)and then add: 2 x drops Eucalyptus 2 x drops Melaleuca (TeaContinue reading “Recipe for Breathing Relief”

Essential Oils for Energy Balance

Do you feel energetically depleted? Has it been too much for you lately and you need a break from everything and everyone? Essential oils got you covered! There are two essential oils that come to the rescue when you are drained: Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Watch the video find out how to apply them for full support:Continue reading “Essential Oils for Energy Balance”

Coronavirus & Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for millennia as a means to boost the immune system and a natural way of disinfection due to their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The Science Behind Essential Oils explains why and how they are effective. It also outlines that it was common that amongst the plague, herbalists and botanists seemedContinue reading “Coronavirus & Essential Oils”

How to do Oil Pulling for Teeth and Oral Health

Oil pulling is a natural technique to ensure healthy teeth and gums. It consists in putting a spoon of a vegetable oil in your mouth, then swish it around for a while (it is generally done with coconut oil for 5 to 15 minutes). The main benefit of doing this, is that it reduces theContinue reading “How to do Oil Pulling for Teeth and Oral Health”

How to Use Essential Oils for Health & Wellness

Skin at Heart offers workshops on How to Use Essential Oils for Health & Wellness. In this article, you can read the science behind Aromatherapy and understand what makes it so effective for overall health. Once you find out more about the powerful effects of essential oils, you’ll be inspired to incorporate them in yourContinue reading “How to Use Essential Oils for Health & Wellness”

4 Benefits of Essential Oils for Athletes

Whether you’re a surfer or a yogi, whether you’re a personal trainer or a tennis player; aromatherapy is a natural solution for athletes. Essential oils help to maximize performance and recovery and they improve overall health and balance. The main benefits of using essential oils for athletes are: 1 – Improve immune support 2 –Continue reading “4 Benefits of Essential Oils for Athletes”