Interview with Naturopath Jessica Deggerone

Skin at Heart had the pleasure to interview Jessica Deggerone, a naturologist who works in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has a wide experience with essential oils and aromatherapy.

1 – How did your contact with essential oils started?

My first contact with essential oils was during my graduation in Naturology and, since then, the love for Aromatherapy has grown each day.

2 – Can you tell us a little bit about Aromatherapy and its benefits?

Aromatherapy is the treatment based in he benefits that essential oils have upon the organism. Essential oils are made of aromatic compounds found in seeds, roots, flower, leaves and other parts of medicinal plants. These can raise the mood, calm the senses and generate physical and emotional responses due to its medicinal properties. The benefits are wide, from complementing anxiety and stress treatments to treat chronicle diseases.

3 – In which type of therapies is it more common to use essential oils?

In the clinical practice, I use essential oils during massages, in the environment scenting and also blends that I deliver to my clients so that they can continue the treatment at home. It can be – for example – a cream or a shampoo based on essential oils, depending the situation we’re addressing.

4 – What would you recommend to people who wish to incorporate essential oils in their daily routines?

The first recommendation is that you look for a professional in the field. Essential oils present several benefits, however one must know how to use them and how to apply each specific oil. The second recommendation is that you chose a reliable brand to buy essential oils. We can say a certain brand is reliable when it has 100% of the essential oil in its composition; the essential oil is stored in a dark glass; it contains a strong scent very similar to the plant itself; verify that the bottle has the scientific name of the essential oil and if in the ingredients there is only the scientific name of the plant. There is also a test that you can do to verify the purity of the oil: you drop one single drop of it in a piece of white paper and if the essential oil doesn’t leave any marks and evaporates fast, it means it’s pure. Otherwise it is mixed with a carrier oil.

5 – When did you begin to use doTERRA and why?

A colleague introduced me to the brand earlier this year and I started to use it, only for myself at first. Since the beginning I liked the brand because the scent is very powerful and just like the plants and the essential oils are stored in dark bottles, they don’t leave a mark on the paper, they evaporate easily and they are also easily absorbed by our skin. The effects both physically and emotionally were immediate. I was going through anxiety periods and I started to have some difficulty calming my mind and sleep restfully and so I started to use Lavender all night before going to sleep and immediately on the first one I slept perfectly and restfully.

6 – Do you want to say some last words about essential oils?

I would only like to enforce that the benefits of essential oils are many and varied, but also we should use them carefully and with professional guidance to avoid any side effect.

Skin at Heart thanks Jessica for the interview and sharing her own experience with the benefits of essential oils.

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Published by Natalia Costa

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