Aromatic Spritzers

What is an Aromatic Spritzer?

An Aromatic Spritzer is a combination of essential oils and water.

Sometimes a dispersant is used to diffuse the essential oils within the water.

What can I use an Aromatic Spritzer for?

Aromatic spritzers can be used as:

  • Room and air freshener

  • Body sprays over which an aromatic blend will be applied

  • Reducing undesirable odors in the air

  • Enhancing breathing

  • Soothing a variety of emotional states (to uplift and energize, to relax and promote sleep)

  • To disinfect the air or linings

So it can be very useful both at home and in places where you travel to clean and purify the location where you’ll sleep.

How to make an Aromatic Spritzer?

Add 5 to 8 drops of an essential oil or 3 drops of different essential oils per ounce of water. Shake before using or add a dispersing agent.

In this video I demonstrate how to do your own aromatic spritzer.

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