What I’m Learning with Louise Hay’s Mirror Work

Louise Hay was an admirable woman who helped thousands of people become happy. In her own words what Louise did was “Truly all that I do is help people love themselves”. Her whole work was based on self-love and self-acceptance. One of the main techniques used by Louise Hay was the Mirror Work. The Mirror Work basically consists in looking at oneself in the mirror and speaking to the person. As easy as it may seem the relationship with the mirror is often difficult if not frightening to some human beings and this idea of speaking and observing ourselves in the mirror, rather than funny can actually be terrifying.

When I first heard of it, my first reaction was to laugh. But then, I shrugged my shoulders and I thought “ Why not giving it a chance?” after all both of Louise’s books contained so much wisdom and it was through Hay House that I first heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Mirror work is accompanied by a set of affirmations. Louise Hay worked with powerful affirmations. Since words have such a powerful vibration, whatever we put out into the universe we’re actually half way through for making it real, for turning it into a reality. And our cells, our energy, peaks up on that vibration so we should be very careful with what we say to each other and especially with what we tell ourselves. The affirmations you choose will have to suit the particular needs or struggles you are facing.

And the truth is that mirror work is way more powerful than I could have ever imagined. As you start speaking to yourself and go through both the funny side of it and the pain/shame that comes with the process, you begin to feel more open. And as you open it’s like you reconnect with yourself and you begin to feel more self-love, self-acceptance. When you see yourself as you truly are and forgive yourself, you let go and you create room to value yourself, truly value yourself and get to know the person who is living behind the image reflected in the mirror. As that connection is established you feel lighter and joyous. You feel grounded and you feel more attuned with every aspect of your being as if a weight has been dropped of your shoulders or a veil has been removed from your eyes. I can honestly say that Louise Hay’s Mirror Work is the single most important thing I’ve ever done for myself and I recommend it to any human being. Mirror Work sets us free and allows us to face – literally face – ourselves as we truly are creating room for kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and self-love and self-value. And the best part is that the mirror will always be there for us, we just have to pick it up and look at it!

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I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the secret to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

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