21 Day Gratitude Journal

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What if you could uplift your mood instantaneously and change your life in 21 days?

Only in dreams? Not quite! How long a day do you spend taking care of your body? How long a day do you spend taking care of your mind?

Consistency is the key to get you the results you want. Each day for 21 days you receive a gratitude writing prompt that takes you on the journey of falling in love with your life.


Why writing?

Writing engages both your brain and your body, so you enhance the energy of your thought as you give it life through your fingertips.


Why gratitude?

How do you feel when you achieve something you really want? Grateful, right? Gratitude is the highest frequency on the planet. It immediately raises your energy levels. By being grateful right here right now, you’re taking the most important step to achieve your goals and dreams.



Developing the habit of writing a gratitude journal improves your serenity, resiliency and happiness, giving you a sense of balance and control of your life.


Keeping a gratitude journal contributes to:

  • Increase mental strength and the ability to focus
  • Improve memory, cognitive skills and creativity, developing a solution oriented mindset
  • Enhance intuition
  • Improve heart rate and breathing
  • Assist your body in relieving stress and anxiety
  • Assist your body to relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • Sharpen your skills of observation and description


You receive a daily gratitude exercise for 21 days that assists you to tune into your intentions and practice seeing things with appreciative eyes.

One exercise per day for 21 days is all you need to change your life. This daily act of appreciation elevates you.

Embark on the journey of falling in love with your life now: start your 21 Gratitude Journal!


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3 reviews for 21 Day Gratitude Journal

  1. K Stevens

    I loved the 21 Days of Gratification journey & can’t say enough about the effect it had not only on my daughter, but our family. With a child struggling with positivity-this was a very necessary part of her starting on her path of healing.

  2. Evan G.

    I loved this 21 Days of Gratitude. It helped me to focus on positive aspects to negative situations currently going on in my life. I loved it so much, that I am sharing this with a student who needs to work on gratitude. Great mental exercise!

  3. Richard J. Ronald

    Many Thanks for the Journey of gratitude. Each day your guidance was an inspiring provocation to search Within and expand our perception of mind, heart and soul.
    Words are limiting but i try to express my feelings for this gratitude adventure! You and your endeavors are a dear contribution to ubiquitous well being.

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