Interview with Naturopath Ana Remelgado

Ana Remelgado is a Naturopath who also works with the Anura Method. I was recommended Ana some time ago to assist me with internal struggles that I was having at the time. I had a consultation with Ana and I was extremely satisfied with the positive and efficient result. Today I would like to share withContinue reading “Interview with Naturopath Ana Remelgado”

Interview with Kung Fu Master Iain Armstrong

Master Iain Armstrong is the heart behind Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Pai, Thailand. He and his wife founded the Retreat in 2007 in this magical location where Master Iain lives and teaches. Master Iain Armstrong has over 35 years experience in Kung Fu. He was trained by Grand Master Tan Soh Tin inContinue reading “Interview with Kung Fu Master Iain Armstrong”

Interview with Physiotherapist Filipa Galvão

Skin at Heart has the pleasure to interview Filipa Galvão, a physioterapist with a wide experience. Throughout her career, Filipa has treated all kinds of muscular problems, especially in athletes. In this interview, we will understand better the role of physiotherapy in wellbeing. 1 – What are the main issues that you usually treat? What areContinue reading “Interview with Physiotherapist Filipa Galvão”

Interview with Entrepreneur Sofia Vieira, founder of VeganCare

Skin at Heart has the pleasure to interview Sofia Vieira, the creator of VeganCare, a portuguese brand of natural products, whose Olive&Rose hand cream I’m a huge fan! I mentioned some of my favourite VeganCare products in this video. In this exclusive interview, Sofia Vieira tells us about the concept of the brand and the news that areContinue reading “Interview with Entrepreneur Sofia Vieira, founder of VeganCare”

Interview with Andrea Heller on Sugar Addiction

Andrea Heller is a great friend of mine. For many years she suffered with sugar addiction. This year, Andrea decided to change her life when she saw her health deteriorating. She decided to quit sugar once and for all. Sugar is so common that it’s still a taboo. For that reason, Andrea’s path was not easyContinue reading “Interview with Andrea Heller on Sugar Addiction”

Interview with Psychiatrist Ihuaku Ndukwe

My good friend Ihuaku Ndukwe is a psychiatrist who currently works in Norway. She will give us a quick overview on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and why Aromatherapy can be effective. I have addressed this issue in an earlier post, thanks to the tips this dear friend and excellent professional gave me on the subject. 1Continue reading “Interview with Psychiatrist Ihuaku Ndukwe”

Happy Healthy Hormones

First of all I would like to thank Katie Bressack for putting together this amazing interview series: Happy Healthy Hormones. All the women that Katie has interviewed (including Katie herself) are brave for sharing their stories and experience with all of us and what has led them to explore Women’s Health and Hormone Balancing. TheContinue reading “Happy Healthy Hormones”

Interview with Naturopath Jessica Deggerone

Skin at Heart had the pleasure to interview Jessica Deggerone, a naturologist who works in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has a wide experience with essential oils and aromatherapy. 1 – How did your contact with essential oils started? My first contact with essential oils was during my graduation in Naturology and, since then, the loveContinue reading “Interview with Naturopath Jessica Deggerone”

Interview with Dr. Lara Briden

As I have stated in this post,  I have read Lara Briden’s book: Period Repair Manual and I was positively surprised with the useful information I could find in this book. I would like to thank Dr. Lara for sharing such precious information and I would like to share with you the exclusive interview to Dr. Lara Briden about women’s health. 1Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Lara Briden”

Interview with Veterinarian Joana Dias

One of the most common questions that I get is “can essential oils be used in animals?”. And the answer is: yes, they can! And not only can they be used as they should be used, because animals can get great benefits by the usage of essential oils. Just like for humans, the application ofContinue reading “Interview with Veterinarian Joana Dias”