Interview with Andrea Heller on Sugar Addiction

Andrea Heller is a great friend of mine. For many years she suffered with sugar addiction. This year, Andrea decided to change her life when she saw her health deteriorating. She decided to quit sugar once and for all. Sugar is so common that it’s still a taboo. For that reason, Andrea’s path was not easy at all and this is an example for all of us. To be conscious of the impact that this addiction has in our lives is the first step to take an active role for changing.

1 – How was your path until you reached the point where you had to or wanted to quit sugar?

Since childhood I’ve had challenges with the scale. I’ve tried several diets, but in the end my weight was always worse. Sugar control had never happened efficiently before.

It was necessary more than too much in the scale and in the blood (with glucose, pressure and cholesterol) to begin a real change. Understanding that I was sick came with the process of cure. When I started the Feeding Education Program, accompanied by several information about how harmful sugar can be and the control of stress/anxiety with constant therapy, all of it at the same time, has guaranteed that I had enough strength for a serious change. Understanding that sugar is a terrible drug and it’s used as an escape valve for anxious people (my case) helped to kick off the cure process.

2 – What was most difficult in the first period of change?

I started in September 2017 when I had a collapse (high blood pressure) because of stress and anxiety. I understood that something was very wrong and I needed to change if I wanted to live a healthy life for many years. After all, I’m only 39 years old and almost 30 more to work and a lot more to live.

The greatest challenge was the period of sugar abstinence. It took around 20 days when I was very irritated and tired. Since I had all the information about the effects of the abstinence, plus constant help from wonderful professionals, family and friends, I was able to make it through this critical phase.

3 – What were the first improvements that you noticed?

1 – Menstruation. I’ve always had cramps and for the first time in many years I didn’t feel anything. The flow was also too much and not it is stable.

2 – Energy. The mood has improved for all kinds of tasks.

3 – Hunger. I used to live starving and constantly thinking about food. The appetite has changed.

4 – Weight. It has improved and I’ve already lost 13kg.

And I am conscious that this is only the beginning.

4 – This is a long journey. After the change has been implemented do you still face challenges? Which ones?

I am still going and the cure process will go on forever. Once addicted into any type of drug, there is a risk for relapse. Sugar is not different.

Understanding that sugar and all the industrialized products with high glycemic levels are villains. Sugar is – unfortunately – a psycho assassin that kills slowly.

Another difficulty is the social environment. Not everybody understand that there is a difficulty in controlling the sugar portion and they insist “eat just a little bit” or “just today”. Knowing to say “no” is a part of the process too.

5 – What are the tips that you can give to someone who wants to change food habits based in your experience? How can one quit sugar addiction and keep up with the new life style consistently?

1 – It’s necessary to understand why one consumes sugar and attack the root causes. Knowing thyself makes all the difference. Controlling the emotions.

If anxiety persists, for example, it’s necessary to stop and focus on the present moment. Exercises such as focusing on the breathing, drinking plenty of water, taking a walk, getting fresh air, meditating, doing yoga, aromatherapy, physical activities… Gather all the possible elements to help you along the process.

2 – You must surround yourself with positive healthy people. Avoid people who will say to you “oh no, another diet” or “that’s not going to work” or “(eat sugar) just today”…

3 – Visualize yourself extremely healthy. Not necessarily thin, but feeling the energy as an easy  fuel to accomplish all kinds of daily tasks, with pleasure too.

6 – If you could be a child again what would you do differently regarding food habits? How can we implement healthy food habits in the lives of future generations?

I would avoid all kinds of industrialized products.

Future generations must try to be as near to nature as possible. As humans we know we have failed, because we are “unconnected”, however we are now acknowledging that mistake. There is a collective conscious converging to the same ideal: natural food as a source of energy and health.

7 – Do you have any last words to share with Skin at Heart readers based in your experience?

Stop now with sugar consumption. Don’t wait until Monday or after the holidays.

Believe in yourself and focus in the results. Remember that the pleasure of sugar will only last for a few minutes, but the pleasure to get rid of that drug is permanent.

If it’s still difficult, other than controlling your emotions, find out about healthy recipes. Choose natural ingredients such as stevia, cinnamon, clove, lemon zest… your palate will change and your body will thank you!

Good luck! 🙂

Skin at Heart thanks Andrea Heller for her availability and courage to share her experience to motivate and inspire all the readers to walk towards the action and say “I choose health”!

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