Interview with Naturopath Ana Remelgado

Ana Remelgado is a Naturopath who also works with the Anura Method. I was recommended Ana some time ago to assist me with internal struggles that I was having at the time. I had a consultation with Ana and I was extremely satisfied with the positive and efficient result. Today I would like to share with you Ana’s work and a more detailed explanation on her path and the therapies she uses to assist the people who come to her.

1 – How did you become a Naturopath? What has attracted you towards that direction?

I’ve always believed that the body is a universe, it has its cycles, it reacts to any aggression that is imposed to it, whether it is physical, emotional or mental. In this context, intuitively I’ve always been closer to the natural expression as a way to heal. However, it was through the manifestation of a disease, where medicine imposed to me a surgery that I went on to find a healing alternative. Naturopath healed me, I fell in love with it and I’ve dedicated myself to it ever since.

2 – You are also a Yoga Instructor. How does Yoga contributes to wellbeing and health and why should everybody practice it?

I’ve always practiced sports in a regular basis since I was a kid and I also went to the gym quite often. One day, someone convinced me to replace the absence of the fitness instructor for a yoga class. On that day, I realized that I couldn’t breath and that my body, even though it had so much muscle, didn’t have flexibility, strength and posture. When we entered the relaxing part of the class I went to such a zen state that was unthinkable for someone who lived a day to day in such stress as I did. The results were so felt by me that I dove into the yogi philosophy in an endless experience.

It is a way of life that puts you in front of yourself and in the awareness of what we are, in an ever growing path. One feels it. One lives it! Whoever lives it enjoys the best of him or herself in all facets of life and body.

It’s as old as humans, one can just take a look at a baby, the way the baby breathes, the way the baby starts to walk, the joy that comes from within. And when the human being takes care of him or herself it’s naturally taking care of everyone and everything around him/her.

3 – What is the role of essential oils in the wellbeing of humans? How can people implement essential oils in their daily life in order to promote health?

All the plants contain energy and the oils have the essence of that energy. When used and applied they act chemically both energetically and physically promoting balance and cancelling symptoms. It is necessary some information to work with essential oil, but what I recommend everybody to do in an easy way is to use them through the scent. Just smelling them brings a wide variety of health benefits, and one only needs to search for the specific traits of some oils.

4 – The Anura System seems to be very complete. Can you tell us a little but about that system and its benefits?

The Anura System is a method of therapy, self transformation and self knowledge. It was created by Esmeralda Rios and Vitorino de Sousa. The system provides internal work to help people find their own solutions through special techniques, that can be used by any person:

  • A set of oils, solutions and other products, especially prepared to help therapies;

  • A special Tarot that can be used therapeutically and/or as a meditation;

  • Vision Portal: this element provides access to information to intuition. It can also be used in conjunction with the Anura Tarot.

5 – How do all these arts that you study complement each other? How can they serve the human being?

Seeing each human being as an Universe, where each one fits in a certain position according to the evolution of its being. The studied and old techniques are ways to complement the services I provide to interact with the universe inside each person, attending to the necessities and favouring wellbeing.

The path is always internal and experience tells me that example is a good path. I have been helping people in their own empowerment, self-esteem, unblocking certain issues emotional, physical or others depending on the technique or combination of techniques that I use with the person.

6 – Often we feel disconnected from the world, from ourselves, from our mission in life. Are there any habits that we can implement to be more attuned to our own self and to the universal energy?

TO BE! The mission is accomplished by walking the path and nothing is written in stone. It is our choices that determine it according to what we feel in each moment. Each moment will answer according to what we build and one should always pay attention to the internal guide called intuition or voice of the heart. It is always there… this connection raises with practice, by knowing how to relax the bodu and the mind, feeling our own energy, trusting, loving, valuing. Nothing like meditating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This posture, gives us a corresponding vibration to the “now”, where/when everything happens. And when present in each moment, in the now, we get rid of the past and expectations of the future and the frequency in which we vibrate manifests.

7 – What is your advice for a person to live in a healthy way physically, mentally and emotionally?

To accept the nature of the evolutionary species, in constant growth and mutation. Not accepting change is a block both physical and mental.

To follow the rhythm of nature and its example, respecting the body at all its levels: food, sleep, exercise, stop, relax, breath…

To love one self and the others – under all circumstances – not giving room for judgment and allowing this energetic poison to contaminate generating disease.

8 – What are the last words that you would like to share with our readers?

Live in Love. The great energy that we are made of and that so many times we block because of fear, its opposite. Risk to love yourself in every instant beginning with your body. See it as your best friend, the temple that carries your being. As this relationship gets closer the fluidity of the human magnetism can only generate this frequency.

Skin at Heart thanks Ana Remelgado for taking the time for this interview and for sharing with us how these therapies can contribute to wellness.

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