Interview with Entrepreneur Sofia Vieira, founder of VeganCare

Skin at Heart has the pleasure to interview Sofia Vieira, the creator of VeganCare, a portuguese brand of natural products, whose Olive&Rose hand cream I’m a huge fan! I mentioned some of my favourite VeganCare products in this video.

In this exclusive interview, Sofia Vieira tells us about the concept of the brand and the news that are coming soon.

1 – What has drawn you to create VeganCare, a skin and self care brand of natural products?

As a lot of the projects created nowadays, VeganCare was born from a necessity: the necessity to be able to find in the market natural hygiene products without ingredients from animal source and that were not tested in animals and also that were organic. For me, it has always been a huge difficulty to find products that meet these requirements.

I started to formulate products in 2011, with the focus in using high quality ingredients that come from organic farming.

VeganCare was registered in 2013 and since then we have developed 27 prototypes that have been having great receptivity amongst users.

2 – VeganCare offers varied products. Can you tell us a little bit about the range of products that VeganCare covers?

VeganCare produces soaps, hair conditioners, lip balms, exfoliators, deodorants, moisturizers, tooth pastes, etc. For the ingredients it is given preference to organic, from which I highlight the portuguese olive oil which is present in almost all the products that we develop.

In the future we want to develop more products keeping all the properties that characterise VeganCare and that are at the same time innovative and practical for those who travel.

3 – VeganCare uses essential oils in the composition of its products. Can you share a bit about your experience with essential oils for formulating VeganCare products?

We see in an essential oil the potential of a concentrated plant in each drop.

Due to the high variety of therapeutic properties (they can be energising, anti-inflammatories, relaxing, antioxidants, depuratives, etc) plus the natural scent they give, essential oils are fantastic allies for the organic cosmetics. For that reason they are used in all VeganCare products.

4 – VeganCare has a few lines of products such as Olive&Rose. What are the main differences between all these lines?

VeganCare has two main lines for body and hair: Olive&Rose and Olive&Lavender. In all the products of both lines there is the concern to attain nourishing formulas that protect both the skin and the hair. The careful choice of oils and butters, just like their balanced blends has allowed us to attain this goal. Essential oils allow us to differentiate both lines. Lavender controls oily skin or hair and is relaxing, rose tones and it’s adequate for all skin types, and it’s especially good for sensitive and mature skins.

In other products such as tooth paste, we use mint and tea tree oil. In the shampoo for oily hair we use lime essential oil to enhance the effect of nettles and clay. For the treatment of dry hair we blend mango butter with orange essential oil.

The lip balms serve both the reserved and the bold. For the reserved we have vanilla and cacao and for the bold we have mint, strawberry, cinnamon or orange.

5 – Where and how can we get VeganCare products?

In this moment, our sales are suspended. In any way we will soon open our online store and we will also have our products available in some stores and supermarkets.

6 – Do you have any further information that you would like to share with Skin at Heart readers?

Yes: we have news!

We are preparing a restructure of the brand, the creation of an industrial production line and planning the selling of these products soon. We are using a crowdfunding campaign that will offer rewards to all the contributors. If you want to follow this adventure, you can subscribe here: or just click on this link!

Skin at Heart thanks Sofia Vieira for this insightful interview.

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