My Experience with Psych-K

A couple of months ago I heard about Psych-K for the first time and its possibilities thanks to the wonderful work of Professor Bruce Lipton. I was quite curious about the procedures that Psych-K uses, since it seemed like its approach was very effective in changing old paradigms. I wanted to study it further and since I was in Thailand, I found out about a Workshop that would take place in Vietnam, where I am currently. I immediately felt I wanted to be a part of it and – ultimately – that was brought me to this wonderful country. However, the dates of the Workshop changed and I will no longer be able to attend it. For that reason, I’ve decided to take a session with the facilitator of that workshop and find out, first hand, if Psych-K works and what is it about!

Mariette Ham is the Psych-K Coach I worked with and that will be leading the upcoming Workshop in Hanoi (30th of November til 2nd of December). The first time I saw Mariette’s website: Changing Your Beliefs, I immediately felt connected to her work and her approach. I knew I wanted to learn more and I reached out to find out more. I ended up booking a session with Mariette and I must say it was a turning point for me. Psych-K works with Energy Psychology in a way that allows you and the Facilitator to easily access your inner beliefs (not the ones you think you have, but the ones your body actually has – more on this subject on Instant Emotional Healing by George J. Pratt and Peter T. Lambrou) and replace them with beliefs that will actually support you in reaching your goals. I had already a clear vision of my goals and an idea of some of my limitations, so half the work was done. However, the other half (actually changing that old record playing) is the most challenging part. The session with Mariette helped me access some of my inner resistances and set them free. It helped me realize that I am the creator of my own vision and it’s the belief that either unleashes it or restrains it at cellular level.

Mariette is very professional and joyful. It was not only effective to have the session as it was a pleasure to work with her. She also has genuine concern for people and pleasure in using Psych-K to improve people’s lives and empower them to achieve their goals.  After the session I felt very peaceful, relaxed and joyful! A sensation of being exactly where I need to be invaded all my cells. Since then, I have been feeling much more aligned at all levels, it’s like I think and act according to what I envisioned. Last week, I had a huge break down for the first time since then, and I realize it was due to the fact that I didn’t act in alignment with my intentions, cells, beliefs. That emotional release was the way the body had to show me that I was falling back in old behaviours and beliefs. Even though it was painful and quite intense, I feel truly grateful to those emotions now, because they ultimately shook me up to keep aligned with what it feels to be right. I believe Psych-K session had a huge role in this personal evolution.

Overall, the session had a very positive impact in my thoughts and behaviours in a way that I am still finding out and that I think I will only fully realize in a couple of months.


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