Instant Emotional Healing

Instant Emotional Healing by George J. Pratt and Peter T. Lambrou is a very precise guide on how to use Energy Psychology to heal yourself and/or others.

The book is based on the several years of clinical practice of both doctors applying psychology and chinese medicine. The usage of chinese medicine in this context is through tapping and/or pressing specific acupressure points in the body accompanied by eye and/or face movements. The technique is very effective and it has been helping millions of people around the world. In their own words “it really is that simple”! The method is designed to support different emotional needs from all the wide spectrum of necessity that one may have. One of the key points is to understand and properly label the emotion one may be experiencing, which can be a challenge in itself since there are layers over layers of emotions and – sometimes – one may almost feel as if peeling an onion. Another book by the same authors that may be useful in that process of identification and analyses is Code to Joy, that I’ll address in an upcoming post.

Instant Emotional Healing is the go to book that everybody should have to keep their emotional health checked. We do take time to exercise our bodies regularly, we should do the same with our emotions and assessing our mental state. The time is coming when body, mind and spirit are no longer seen as separate entities, but rather a whole complex system that makes us human and promoting the health of that system is not just about exercising the body or eating healthy, it’s about taking a look at each part and establishing a routine to properly assess the current state and balance it if needed. This book is the scientifically proven tool one needs to be able to do that assessment and take the necessary action for emotional health.

Thank you Professor George J. Pratt and Professor Peter T. Lambrou for the excellent work!


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