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On my ongoing research, I came across East Wise Health which shares precious information when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine from a Western perspective point of view.

Amongst the several clarifying articles, I found Chinese Medicine Body Clock particularly good and I wanted to share it in Skin at Heart. Throughout this text, Anne explains how come each organ has an hour according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and what exactly does that mean when it comes to our habits (clarifying why food is a therapy in itself).

I also enjoyed reading Things to Avoid: Sleeping with a Fan On, because it basically presents the reason why air flows can actually be harmful. This is something I have been experiencing my whole life and when I started diving into Traditional Chinese Medicine and reading about the relationship between the elements and how they affect the human being, I finally realised what this air flow (wind) is all about. Anne’s explanation is so simple and easy to follow that I really wanted to share it here.

East Wise Health also offers a free download for treating colds and flus with Food Therapy, which is basically an adaptation of our daily habits and behaviours to support our body according to the seasons and/or threats that it may be more exposed to. In that guide there is a thorough explanation on the topic that enables the reader to understand better how Traditional Chinese Medicine sees and addresses each condition that affects the human being.

This is definitely a blog I want to keep following for it presents wonderful information on health and wellness.

Thanks Anne and Steve for the great work!


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