What I’ve Been Learning with Gregg Braden

A couple of months ago, I watched this video which is a Gregg Braden’s seminar. This would send me off in a soul journey, because through Gregg Braden I would find out about Bruce Lipton, that I will address in Skin at Heart soon, and through Lipton’s work I would find out more and more about Energy Psychology through videos, books, techniques and people that I’ll also be mentioned in upcoming posts.


The information that Gregg Braden shares is brilliant since it pretty much summarizes quantum physics and how it applies to us human beings. It is also closely related to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza or Louise Hay. In fact, I found out about Gregg thanks to Hay House and the Hay House Heal Summit.

Some of the main points that Gregg points out in this seminar are:


1 – Belief is the marriage between thought and emotion.

Thought is mostly connected with the upper chakras or energy centers, where we imagine the quantum possibilities.

And emotion is mostly connected with the lower chakras or energy centers, where we feel it.

The two basic emotions are love and fear!

When we think a thought in our mind we fuel that thought and when we do that we create a feeling! Feeling is the union, in Braden’s own words “the marriage of emotion and thought”!

Feeling happens in the heart. The heart is the combination of the upper and the lower centers.


2 – “If we want to change an atom, we must change the energy in which the atom lives in!”

As Einstein explained it “The field is the governing agent of the particle”!

And guess what organ in the body produces the strongest electrical magnetic field?

The heart!

“Reality exists only where the mind creates the focus.”

The magnetic waves of the heart extend kilometers away from it.

There is a power inside the human body that affects the world beyond the body!


3 – Holographic Principle: the way nature creates change very quickly.

We are holographic. We are a pattern of this world in the universe. When we choose peace, peace happens! When we choose joy, joy happens! When we choose love, love happens. With the language of the heart! When we choose compassion, compassion happens! It’s the language of the heart!

Everything is happening everywhere at once! What is happening here is happening there. What is here it’s already there!

How to create coherent emotion in our hearts to heal our body and change our world?

By creating high frequency emotions such as compassion, love, joy and peace, through the practice of prayer or meditation!


So these are the 3 main principles:

1 – All matter is connected

2 – There is a field of energy that exists in what we used to think of as empty space (divine matrix, the field, the mind of god, quantum hologram)

3 – When we create the right feeling inside of our body, of our hearts, we make change behind our body, in the quantum field.


What is the force that holds everything together in the universe?


It’s the force that connects the universe and the feeling that we feel in our hearts! The heart has no judgment, the heart has no ego. The heart has no attachments. The heart is pure compassion.

Compassion is the ability to see the world for what it is rather than our judgments of what we make of it! It’s the force that connects and the feeling that we experience! That’s what makes compassion so powerful!


Thanks to Louise Hay I found Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden and thanks to them I found Bruce Lipton, whose work I will share in the next post. Stay tuned!


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