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Quantum Physics and our perception of “the future”

Often, people associate Tarot Readings with an Oracle that will tell them about the Future. As Teal Swan brilliantly depicts in this video, what we perceive as the future is not something set in stone, it’s something that changes as our current state of awareness evolves. This means that our own perception and the energy we emanate through the thoughts we hold in mind and the frequency of the emotions we focus on, will ultimately define our reality. Hence in a world where inner change is happening so fast, future-telling becomes more challenging, as our capacity as creators is constantly being stimulated in varied directions. Quantum Physics also explains this phenomenon, as the focus that the observer holds in mind is highly representative to the experience itself. In Einstein’s own words: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” And as Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in The Biology of Belief: “Field” is defined as the invisible energy realm, while “particle” represents what we perceive as matter. This basically means that the change may happen fast as we become more aware that the energy we hold is what defines our reality and, therefore, our future.

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

This seems to be beyond our current understanding. Professor Carlo Rovelli described the concept of time in his book The Order of Time when he outlines that our perception of time and reality are intertwined and they are affected by the use of language ending up defining past, present and future in an illusory straight line. Another good example is the movie Arrival, which also uses the close connection between language and perception to justify the way we feel, understand and relate to time.


A way to develop intuition

Intuition or insight, from the Latin intueri, in meaning at or on and tueri meaning look, see, uphold, watch and protect which would combine in “looking at” or “watching on”.

Rather than reading the future, a Tarot Reading allows a person to ask meaningful questions regarding life and to tap into his/her own intuition. Tarot Cards serve as a guide that offer advice and direction to the issue the person is holding in mind while doing the consultation. Tarot Readers are people who have been developing a connection with a specific set of Tarot Cards in order to develop their own intuition and using it as a guide when they interpret and “read” the tarot cards meaning.

When visiting a Tarot Reader, have in mind that it is important to explain the issue that has brought you there, so that the Reader can better serve you. Some people see it as fortune-telling and they just show up at the reading expecting the Reader to tell the story out of the blue, but think about it: it’s like going to the doctor and asking the doctor to guess how you are feeling. The doctor may take some hints by looking at you, but it is by communicating that you better present the thing that has brought you there. The same goes for Tarot Readings, the more the Reader knows about your issue, the more he or she will be able to “read” the story the cards are presenting as regards to your concern and better guide you through them.


So, basically Tarot Readings won’t tell you what will happen in the future, they will instead show you what could happen based in the current circumstances and guide you to tap into yourself so that you can raise your awareness. As you do so, you’ll take action to manifest your goals for the future. A Tarot Reading will inspire you to be the creator of your life with adequate guidance for the specific issue of your concern in the current moment. Ultimately, a Tarot Reading can greatly benefit you as it empowers you to take responsibility for your own free will, reflected in your choices, not only when it comes to actions, but also when it comes to thoughts and emotions, allowing you to raise your energetic vibration.


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