Interview with Professor Carlo Rovelli

Professor Carlo Rovelli is a Physicist, a college Professor and the author of a few books on Quantum Physics, amongst them the brilliant The Order of Time that I have read recently and mentioned in this video.

I contacted Professor Rovelli who was kind enough to answer three questions for Skin at Heart.

1 – What propelled you to write The Order of Time, a book that makes this complex concepts poetic and so available and understandable to most of the public?

The kind and warm pressure from all the readers of my previous small book, “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics”, who were asking me for more writing.

2 – If you could travel back in time what would you say to your younger self?

I would thank young Carlo.    For the wise choices he took against all adult’s advices. Choices that have given me know all I have now.

3 – What is the one life advice that you would like to pass over to your children and grandchildren?

Not too listen too much to the advices of their parents and grand parents.  Or better: listen, but not trust too much, and decide by themselves.

Skin at Heart is grateful to Professor Rovelli for this interview.

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