Interview with Psych-K Instructor & Life Coach Mariette Ham

Mariette Ham is the PSYCH-K Instructor and Facilitator I worked with and that will be leading the upcoming Workshop in Hanoi (30th of November til 2nd of December). The first time I saw Mariette’s website: Changing Your Beliefs, I immediately felt connected to her work and her approach. I had a wonderful session with Mariette that I’ve described further in this post.

Mariette is very professional and joyful, she also has a genuine interest in people and she feels happy in using PSYCH-K to empower her clients to achieve their goals. It is – therefore – an honor for me to bring you this inspiring interview on Mariette’s path and her work with PSYCH-K:

1 – Can you share a little bit about your path? How and why did you become a Coach? What motivates you the most about being a Coach?

My life motto is: Life is meant to be easy!

This exactly reflects my path. Life has been tough for me and it took me years to change.

I used to identify with the nasty habits of ‘Perfectionism’. Of course I learned to cope with sabotaging thoughts and feelings of despair, fear of failure. I thought I managed pretty well. BUT in fact I was fooling myself. Coping means telling yourself smart stories to hide behind a mask, to avoid having to admit that something is wrong!

A lot of people suffer from perfectionism often without recognizing it. Energetically it keeps you imprisoned in low vibrations: you lose energy through fear, worry, doubt, comparing with others, trying to meet expectations, and numerous other sabotaging habits.

Whatever perfectionistic type you are, you are disconnected. From the self – soul – source – passion – mission – purpose.

Now everything has changed: I AM ENOUGH. I’m connected. Loving myself unconditionally gives peace of mind, joy and gratitude.

Thanks to this life story as well as 40 years of facilitating change in personal and professional life areas I offer a specific expertise: to quickly identify unhealthy habitual thinking and feeling. Especially when it comes to situations where people are pushing themselves.

2 – Can you tell us a little bit about Psych-K and why is it such a groundbreaking method for self realisation?

The word PSYCH-K stands for: the Key to life force. It is groundbreaking because people are able to over-write self-limiting beliefs and feelings in the subconscious mind. While Bruce Lipton, Elizabeth Blackburn as well as lots of other authors explain WHY we need to manage our thinking for our well-being, PSYCH-K teaches as HOW to do it.

Instead of talking for hours, these protocols create a ‘whole-brain-state’, synchronizing thinking and feeling. Also it creates flow, connecting the neo cortex with the limbic (or emotional brain) and the reptilian brain. This enables to transform hidden obstacles in the subconscious mind. You stop being victim of beliefs that don’t serve you any more. Life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in stead of a daily struggle!

Another amazing effect of PSYCH-K is that you can neutralize stress triggers in only a few minutes.

A synchronized brain unlocks our full potential. People immediately find relief and peace of mind, They easily make their dreams come true. Results are visible in all life areas like communication, love, relationships, work, personal impact, creativity…

“Since PSYCH-K came into my life I combine this surprisingly simple yet highly effective method with a solution focused approach.” (Steve De Shazer)  

Like Bruce Lipton says: “PSYCH-K is one of the most effective and rapid change processes available on this planet” (he writes about his own experience in the Appendix of his book “The Biology of Belief”)

3 – What last words would you like to share with people who are on their healing and self realisation journey? What is it important to keep focus on?

“Tell me I’m OK”. This is a need most people have in their transformational journey for healing and connecting to their souls, source or life purpose.

Too many people have adopted sabotaging ideas that are not their own and it is my mission to help people to authentically chose their own beliefs.

I want to tell everybody: you are OK. Really. Know it – feel it – own it. And show it.

It is an honor to support people in your journey to learn to own their selfworth and selflove.

I am deeply grateful to Mariette for this inspiring interview and also for the incredible session we had. Thank you, Mariette!

Don’t miss the upcoming PSYCH-K event with Mariette in Hanoi:

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