Essential Oils for George R.R. Martin

Dear George R. R. Martin:


I would like to start this note by saying a heart-felt “thank you” for the amazing work you did with these books! We all know they started decades back and we have been following A Song of Ice and Fire with appreciation and delight. I guess I can speak for all the fans when I say that we are all SO looking forward to read what is still left. It’s almost a torture to wait so long to see where your next chapters and words will take us, which characters will we be following and what circumstances will we be testifying.

My favourite thing about the books you wrote is the way we are always placed in the story through the eyes of a character, it really makes us get caught up in the mind of each of them, understanding and/or experiencing that perspective first hand, including the ladies, who were very well portrayed in their complexities. It was just brilliant! 

With the task of writing this portentous books on your shoulders (or on your mind, eyes and fingertips) Aromatherapy can be of great assistance to you, as it could be for your characters: House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister and House Baratheon.

Three essential oils could be powerful allies for you, assisting you in this final stretch: Rosemary, Lemon and Clary Sage.

Rosemary is a powerful oil for students as it enhances memory allowing people to memorize concepts better. Considering you started to develop these characters in the 90s, I would say Rosemary would come extremely handy now as you proceed to finish this incredible saga.

Lemon – like all the citrus oils – delivers joy, but more than that, it brings focus and concentration.

Another oil that is fantastic for writers – but you don’t really seem to need it – is Clary Sage, this one is the oil of clarity and vision, typically associated with creativity, therefore a must for any artist.


So, Rosemary, Lemon and Clary Sage would be the essential oils that could greatly serve you in this phase. 

Read you soon!


With love and gratitude,



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