Essential Oils for House Baratheon

House Baratheon and House Tyrell are – as far as the TV series is concerned – the great defeated of Game of Thrones (and the same can be said about the Martells). However, they had a major role up until a certain point of the story and a lot of charismatic characters accompanying them, some of them allies now to the other Houses. So let’s take a closer look to the essential oils for House Baratheon:


King Robert I

King Robert wasn’t exactly a model both as a leader or as a husband. Robert seemed more interested in enjoying the pleasures of life than in ruling and all that hedonism seemed more like an escape from his own pain, as we learn from the start he has always loved Lyanna, the one he was supposed to have married, before she was kidnapped and murdered.

Cardamom is the oil of objectivity, mental clarity and self-control, features that could have assisted Robert when he had a chance to lead a Kingdom. Cardamom is especially useful in situations where anger or frustration seem to take the best of the individual, helping to bring balance and helping to let go of emotional distortions that may cause the individual to objectify other people. Cardamom would have invited King Robert to take personal ownership and responsibility for his feelings assisting him in being calm and in control.



Gendry is Robert’s bastard and – at this point in the TV series – the last heir of House Baratheon. Gendry grew up on the streets without the proper and formal education the title of Lord would demand. However he is a smart kid and he seems to be very kind hearted.

Peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart bringing joy to the heart and soul. In many moments of unbearable pain when Gendry lost everything he had and knew, Peppermint could have come to the rescue as it keeps heaviness and pessimism away. The freshness of Peppermint allows one to feel renewed, relieved, optimistic and strong!


Stannis Baratheon

Stannis was never particularly loved by the people as he lacks charisma. However he has always been surrounded by charismatic faithful counselors like Melisandre and Davos. He has a blind faith in the Lord of Light and he believes in the Red Priestess and whatever she proclaims, which is a feature that turns him into a fanatic, making him lose sight of some situations that he could have handled in a different way. Stannis believes in the prophecy that he is the chosen one, the one who is meant to be the King and he is willing to do anything for that!

Cilantro stimulates de detoxification of negative emotions, it facilitates emotional cleansing and it eliminates obsession. This oil could have been of good service to Stannis so he would have not let himself blind by what he believed it was meant to be and feeling the need to control any outcome. Cilantro would have assisted Stannis to live in harmony with his True Self inspiring him to feel light and liberated.


Shireen Baratheon

Shireen is a tender smart girl with a wonderful heart. She is a princess touched by a disease who develops a connection with Ser Davos teaching him how to read and bringing some light to a place filled with seriousness and darkness (embodied by her parents and their blind faith).

Of all the things that broke my heart and/or shocked me throughout the series, Shireen’s death was the toughest! Sure, I was shocked and sad about Ned Stark, sure it was ignominous to watch the Red Wedding (even though I kind of saw it coming), sure it was disgusting to watch Joffrey’s cruelty and sure it was unbearable and unbelivable to watch Ramsay’s madness; but Shireen’s death was the point when I asked myself: do I really want to keep on watching this? I can guarantee that if I hadn’t fall in love with the books, I wouldn’t have watched any of the episodes… and, for me, this was the hardest of them all! I know everybody’s intentions have a deep meaning, but they must come from a place of awareness. It is pointless to follow what one believes to be the light if one acts in ways that do not vibrate in the same frequency that the light holds.

Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance and optimism instilling confidence and hope, characteristics that shine through Shireen.


Ser Davos Seaworth

Ser Davos is a man of honor who follows his leader and advises him or her according to what he really believes to be right or wrong. Davos possesses a high sense of ethics which is why he is the best advisor to find balance between Stannis’s blind faith and the reality of facts. Yes: he also wants Stannis to be the King but at what cost? He is not willing nor does he agree to pay the price that Melisandre’s methods propose. Davos has developed a friendship with Shireen and I am sure he would have stopped that madness and come to the rescue on that unbelievably brutal episode, even if he would have had to be burnt with her.

Melissa is the oil of light, it keeps away depression or feelings of being overwhelmed and it instills joy of living, integrity, contagious enthusiasm and spiritual connection, traits that are and always have been a part of Ser Davos even throughout all the hardships that he had to endure!



Melisandre is a mysterious seductive woman that the viewer discovers more and more as episodes take place. She follows the Lord of Light and she acts according to her current sense of awareness. However, Melisandre has made mistakes, serious mistakes, throughout her path as Red Priestess which she redeemed in the last episodes of the TV series. Following the light means to trust intuition, following synchronicity, but it also means to be able to interpret those signs behind the clouded veil of perception with awareness and wisdom.

Coriander is the oil of integrity. The mind’s perspective of what is “right” may be too narrow or come from a narrowed perception. Coriander reminds that there is often more than one way to do something, avoiding self-betrayal and enhancing inner-guidance based on being true to the real Self. These benefits would have been a wonderful support for Melisandre and they might have allowed her to see things more clearly in times of darkness, helping her understand that the means to an end are the path and the path is what ultimately defines the end.


Renly Baratheon

We don’t know much about Renly except that he has a kind nature (the way he treats Brienne) and he is popular amongst the people (everybody loves him). He marries Margaery in the beginning to ensure his claim to the throne, but he is more interested in Loras.

Black Pepper is the oil of unmasking, it reveals the masks and facades we use to hide aspects of the Self. It represents emotional honesty, being authentic and having the courage to live with personal integrity, so it could have been a good assistant to Renly.


Brienne of Tarth

Brienne is trying to convince herself that she is merely an instrument in the hands of powerful people. She does however always choose people of honor to follow, because she has a deep sense of integrity and a huge feeling of duty, making her not only a trustworthy Knight, but also a truthful advisor. She has feelings towards Jaime Lannister which is a bit confusing for her, because in the beginning Jaime appears as a villain and his shift throughout the books and the series is notorious. They both have been through a lot together and Brienne’s sense of honor inspired Jaime to blossom. I think a lot of us were really happy with the current developments of the series on this regards, although Jaime doesn’t truly believe he deserves a happy life after all the stained actions he has made and most likely can only find redemption behind the Kingdom of the living.

Geranium is the oil of love and trust, an oil that possesses a special radiance that would not only match Brienne as it would assist her in healing all the emotional wounds she carried throughout her life, the fact that she was never the ladylike prototype both in body and in mind, the fact that she was never accepted as a Knight just for the simple fact of being a woman, even though she made the job even better than most of them and might have been one of the greates warriors the Seven Kingdoms have ever seen, the fact that she was unable to protect her King Renly from the black shadows of the darkness, amongst all the challenges she had to go through. Geranium is a gentle oil that invites unconditional love and instills trust so it would be a great ally for Brienne.


Podrick Payne

Podrick is a nice guy and a loyal scout with impressive singing skills. He begins by being very shy, almost hiding himself and he evolves as he grows older throughout the series.

Cassia is the oil of self-assurance and it brings happiness and courage to the heart and to the soul. When someone feels embarassed or avoids to be the center of attention, Cassia restores confidence as it invites individuals to “let their light shine” living through their authentic Self. It seems by now that Podrick already possesses all these traits, but – nevertheless – Cassia would be a good match.


Lady Olenna Tyrell

Lady Olenna is very smart, one of the most intelligent people of the realm, a character that works in the shadows. She has a sense of protection of the family, because she feels like her son is not strong or smart enough to protect House Tyrell. That’s her main motivation and her deepest concern, which is ironic considering how things turn out. Even though Lady Olenna has a clear vision and she is able to take matters in her own hands (hello Joffrey!), she – like many others – underestimated Cersei and that cost her not only all the living members of her family as her own life and the end of her lineage in House Tyrell.

Douglas Fir is the oil of generational wisdom. It releases negative generational patterns or being burdened by the issues of others, as it instills a sense of learning from the past. It could have been a powerful ally to Lady Olenna allowing her to see the real fanatic behind the whole game of thrones.


Loras Tyrell

Loras is the lover of Renly. They both seem to be honestly fond on each other, but unable to freely live that love due to Renly’s title and what that represents, like the need for an heir. Loras doesn’t seem very mature about it or about facing the reality of the facts creating some discomfort both for himself and for his loved one.

Birch is the oil of support, it assists in overcoming negative generational patterns, especially in situations where the individual faces the risk of being rejected for choosing a different path. It imbues the person with endurance to withstand adversity with the conviction of a tree. It would have supported Loras in feeling more connected, grounded and supported.


Margaery Tyrell

Margaery was one of the most pleasant and charismatic characters of the TV series. She is a charming and light woman who knows exactly her role and acts accordingly. She was married with Renly and she was actively concerned in strengthening that union. Then, she was engaged to Joffrey who – even though he was a unstable – she was able to influence positively. Lastly, she married Tommen, who she was able to easily manipulate. House Tyrell was determined to be a part of the throne and Margaery always played her part beautifully.

Even though, Margaery was quite smart and immediately saw Cersei’s nature, she couldn’t have imagined the extent of the revenge (especially after the humiliation Cersei had to endure) and when Margaery started to realize what was happening, it was already too late.

Clove inspires people to live in alignment with themselves and the Divine by establishing clear boundaries. It empowers and protects, bringing courage and personal integrity. It seems like Margaery would have been a great Queen who could have actively contributed for a prosperous Kingdom and Clove would have been a good ally for her.


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