The Relationship with Food!

I have previously addressed emotional eating and how can essential oils assist in letting go of those patterns. I also shared a few recipes with essential oils that may help with food craving and weight loss! Today I would like to share the videos from Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson that I’ve just discovered and that bring us insightful information about our relationship with food and why we can’t lose weight. Dr. Susan is an expert in food addiction and in The Badly Behaving Brain video series she tells us how brain blocks weight loss and how to achieve food freedom.

Two interesting things that Dr. Susan mentioned were:

1 – The reason why leptin (where you get the satiated indication from) is not acting as it should is due to the insulin levels on the brain. Insulin prevents leptin from giving the signal that informs our body that it is full. We need to lower insulin which means we need to lower the quantities of sugar and flour, because both of them affect the brain much more than we think and are the main cause for binge eating.

2 – We basically run entire diets and food programs solely in our will power and that’s ultimately the reason why creating new food habits fails in the long run. We need to rely on more than just our will power and create a full plan that will help us keep up. Dr. Susan also says that losing weight is about food and not about exercise, so if we don’t have the habit of exercising we should not start doing it while starting new food habits, because we will use all of our will power in the exercising. According to Dr. Susan the amount of energy that is required from our will power to stay up to a new exercising regime is so high that any other thing dependent upon our will power will fail. Therefore – if we don’t already have the habit of physical activity – we should solely start by incorporating the new food habits prior to anything else that may require our will power.

And what’s incredible about these facts is that essential oils can assist and help on both: they can help the brain and the hormone balancing and they can also boost the will power!

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