Yoga Teacher’s Course: What am I doing here?

This was a tough week. Head and hand stands, extending the visa (which in itself was a whole adventure taking an entire day for something that should easily be done in a morning) and the growing nervous mood for the anticipation of the exam. There was a day that was particularly hard on me andContinue reading “Yoga Teacher’s Course: What am I doing here?”

Yoga Teacher’s Course: The Crow!

Do you remember that movie from the 90s: The Crow? Although I haven’t seen it for many years, I remember some passages well and I will possibly watch it again soon. And what do The Crow and Yoga have to do with each other? Well, nothing, except in my cinephile imagination, but Crow is alsoContinue reading “Yoga Teacher’s Course: The Crow!”

Yoga Teacher’s Course: Beginning!

The first day of the Course was great! Getting to know everybody, doing a general Yoga sequence in the morning, being in this paradisiac island by the sea and being served delicious vegetarian meals all day. What else can one want? The second day though, it was very hard on me. I was totally depletedContinue reading “Yoga Teacher’s Course: Beginning!”