Recipes to Treat Pets Allergies

The recipes used to treat the skin and the environment of Chica, from Chica’s Story are:




doTERRA On Guard


doTERRA fractionated coconut oil

Note: all the oils used to treat Chica were doTERRA. It is important that you chose a brand of essential oils that you trust and that has quality, since essential oils are highly concentrated.

Chica’s Bed

1 drop of Oregano + 2 drops of Lemon (every 2 day)


1 drop of doTERRA On Guard + 2 drops of Lavender daily


1 drop of Oregano + 3 drops of Lavender daily


1 drop in the base of the paw of doTERRA On Guard daily


1 drop of Lavender diluted in doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil in the paws recovering

House Cleaning

For a bucket of water:

5 drops of Lemon + 3 drops of doTERRA On Guard

The beautiful picture is from Le Terrier Studio.

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