Chica’s Story: how essential oils helped a dog with skin allergy!

“Hi: I’m Chica! When I was still very young I started to have a lot of problems all over my body: pimples that would become wounds, paws would swell and they would become red and that was uncomfortable and made me feel pain. I had to do some exams to see what was going on and before I even got the results, my Mom talked with Aunt Nat who recommended essential oils to relieve these symptoms. Mom began applying oils on my paws and also on my bed. She also started using essential oils in the diffuser at home and also to clean the house. My paws begun to recover widely and in just a few days it stopped itching and in a couple of weeks my skin recovered completely.

Then the results of my exams arrived. I had “food and ambience allergy” both to the grass and also at home to mites. Mom said that the food allergy was the easiest to control, because all she has to do is to ensure that the food I eat is not the one that may cause allergies. The ambience is the worst, because in the street it’s impossible to control the sidewalks, the gardens and so forth. At home it’s also challenging because mites exist everywhere. One of the protocols that it’s possible to follow for the control of such allergies is vaccination, but vaccines don’t act upon all the causes, which means that there may always be one or more allergic causes that may be out of the reach of the vaccine. Plus: you don’t know for sure if the vaccine will actually have an effect on you! And for that reason, Mom looked for alternatives in essential oils to clean and disinfect the ambience at home, the place where I sleep and also my body, minimising the ambience allergy effects.

I’ve been feeling great and happy and I’ve been playing a lot! The only thing that Mom used and keeps on using are essential oils!”

“I only wish I had taken pictures so it was possible to see the before and the after.” Chica’s Mom

The beautiful picture is from Le Terrier Studio.

In the next post I will share the recipes that were used in Chica’s case!

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