What I’ve Been Learning with Master Mantak Chia

Last year, I had the great pleasure of spending some time at Tao Garden while I was taking my Tantra & Tao Course. Tao Garden is a glorious place, very beautiful and peaceful. There are a lot of Chinese ceramics spread across the colourful gardens and several huts for the varied workshops and courses that the place offers. It also has a swimming pool (where I swam until infinity completely delighted), an extremely well equipped gym and a clinic where several treatments and massages can be enjoyed by the visitors. The restaurant serves three delicious meals a day in a buffet style that are a delight for all the senses and for the soul due to their high quality, both in ingredients and in the love that is put into the way each meal is carefully prepared.


I had been following Master Mantak Chia’s work for quite some time when I first visited Tao Garden, so it was a true honor to meet him in person and see that he is an example of all his teachings, he completely embodies the Tao. Amongst his many resources, I was particularly familiar with some of his videos where he clarifies about the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. His interviews are quite informative and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to dive deeper into health. I was also very familiarised with his books, some of them are a constant “go to” for me, the two main ones are:


“Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy”

In this book Master Mantak Chia not only explains about the Microcosmic Orbit and the circulation of energy within the body, as he gives a detailed explanation on how to exercise it. This is a complete practical guide on how to circulate sexual energy throughout the body, teaching how to transform it into the creative force it is and therefore bringing energy and healing to the individual. He also has the same manual for men entitled “Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy”.


“Cosmic Nutrition” by Master Mantak Chia and William U. Wei

I deeply believe this book should be taught in school. It is a complete manual of how to live in health and longevity sharing a wide range of information about nutrition, mostly physical nutrition, but also some hints on emotional and mental nutrition. It is a very detailed document with powerful information for all those who wish to live a long happy healthy life! I can’t resist to leave you a small excerpt from the last pages of this health manual:

“You must choose your own lifestyle. You have been given free choice to chart a destiny during this life. No one else can alter or chart a course for you. No one can live your life for you. There are no magic pills, no potions, no masters, no gurus, no books that can take action for you. Only you can make your decisions and take the necessary action that will eventually bring forth the blessings of health, happiness and success to your life. By cleansing your blood and body of impurities, eating wholesome natural foods, purifying your mind, and thinking positive optimistic thoughts, you will lose the basic fears that plague humanity.”

I would also recommend “Basic Practices of Universal Healing Tao” and “The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing the Chi” amongst his wide bibliography.


I feel deeply grateful that I am able to drink from such well. The information that Master Mantak Chia shares it’s not only quite empowering as he is a true inspiration! Tao Garden is a magical place available for those who want to dedicate time to their health and/or embody any of these subjects deeper.

Thank you Master Mantak Chia for all the empowering and healing information you’ve been sharing with the world! May your inspiring light keep on shining for many happy years!


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