Valentine’s Day: Love Inspires Us To Be Better People!

“Love is the great miracle cure.” Louise Hay

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, I give you a few suggestions of essential oils in this video!

And because cinema is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration here are the wishes for a lot of love with this selection of love inspiring scenes from all time classics!

Since we’re pretending to be Alfredo, we’ll start by remembering one of the most beautiful moments of this art: the final scene of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, with the clips that Alfredo left to Salvatore:

Even though they were not the romantic couple in the movie, this funny scene between Katharine Ross and Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid had to be a part of this list. And we never looked at a bicycle in the same way again…

We continue with the hilarious phone scene between Catcher Block and Barbara Novak in Down With Love, both with appetite for a home cooked meal:

A movie made of silences and stares, with one of the best soundtracks ever! They’ve translated it as In The Mood For Love and this scene was mandatory in such a list:

In the one that it’s – for me – Tim Burton’s masterpiece: Big Fish, we could choose more than one scene, but since I’m addicted to flowers, I had to choose this one:

One of the best movies ever, it also has several scenes that would fit into this list. Braveheart is filled with beautiful moments. This one blends music and image in a perfect composition:

Another one of my all time favourites, The English Patient has several scenes of outstanding beauty! Once again images and sounds marry in a perfect harmonious union that is able to touch even the most insensitive. Any scene would be a good choice, but it’s – especially – in the thimble moment that the movie reaches its apotheotic peak:

Before Sunrise is one of the most best movies of the 90s. The scene when we revisit all the places where lovers have been, now bathed by the morning light, is of a striking and truthful beauty, that only movies can capture with their lenses:

The proof that even action movies may have brilliant romantic scenes is evident in this one from Casino Royale:

One of the most incredible scenes that movies gave us is from Cloud Atlas. “All boundaries are conventions waiting to be transcended” because “separation is an illusion”:

Even though Alphaville is a sci fi movie, it has one of the most complete descriptions of something hard to explain with words:

It was not exactly how it happened in real life, but this is the capacity of cinema to give more emphasis to the truly remarkable moments in life and immortalize them in the big screen, June Carter and Johnny Cash in Walk The Line:

And we’re back to Tornatore again, this time by the eyes of a teenager and his memories of the only woman he had never forgotten. This is the final scene, the protagonist’s voice, the sounds of the sea and one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever (Morricone what else?) overlap in a melancholic symphony of deep beauty whose name is Malèna:

Paul Newman teasing Joanne Woodward in The Long Hot Summer:

The romantic according to Lynch is very different than the cheesy romantic typical from most movies, some even included within this list, and that’s what makes Lynch so singular. H never shined so much as in this Wild at Heart, when Sailor finally sings it:

This is split in two, but it would just be one entire long sequence, the moment of confrontation and revelation of Paris Texas, one of those timeless masterpieces:

Even though I didn’t really liked Lost in Translation the first time I watched it on screen, I watched it again 10 years later and I completely fell in love with it. The way Sofia Coppola places Just Like Honey playing while the main characters walk away is one of the most incredible scenes the art of the movies has ever seen:

Another one that stays with you until you die and that had many scenes to choose from. Out of Africa is a masterpiece and this short scene where he recites poetry while washing her hair sums up the grandiosity of feelings inherent to the movie:

I must confess I can’t watch this one without a sneaky tear popping in my eye. I blame it in the piano of the amazing soundtrack which contrasts perfectly with the touching vibe of the scene from El Secreto De Sus Ojos when Irene and Esposito saying goodbye in the train station:

Bill Murray once again, this time in Groundhog Day, one of my favourite movies ever:

And in As Good As It Gets, Jack Nicholson totally personifies why love makes us want to be better people:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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