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With summertime a lot of us enjoy vacation time and packing for travelling may be a bit challenging. When it comes to essential oils, I have selected a few essentials of my own. Even though I usually carry more than these to give out to the “friends along the way” while travelling, the ones I couldn’t go without are:

Clary Sage – I use this one as on my wrists and neck, as if it was a perfume. I also use it for meditation practices. Amongst the benefits of Clary Sage we can find hormone balancing, relaxing and skin improvement.

Oregano – This one always saves me from a wide variety of bacteria, virus or fungus while travelling. I apply it on the bottom of my feet when my immune system needs the boost or when I feel I may be getting something.

Peppermint – Peppermint can be used for a wide variety of reasons: stomach problems, digestive issues, respiratory conditions, skin healing, muscles relief or head aches, just to name the main ones that may occur while on holidays. I often have one drop throughout the day, especially after the meals or when I wish that extra freshness.

Lavender – This one is also very versatile. Lavender can be used for relaxing, especially on airplanes or while travelling, for skin relief, for sleeping issues. I found it very useful to relax on the airplane by smelling it and applying it on my wrists and also for sleeping on the first nights when one travels long distances. It can also be used to alleviate and smooth bites and it has been a fantastic healer for me after a bee bite on my back when I was travelling alone and with difficulty to access the bite area.

Melaleuca – This is the one I use to cure myself from bug bites. Mosquitoes often attack me quite harshly and I apply one drop of Melaleuca directly on the bites before going to bed or anytime I need it during daytime. It may also boost the immune system so it can be used in a similar way as Oregano.

Lemon – I have a drop of Lemon with water every morning to support the liver. Lemon can also be used to fight motion sickness or some of the jet lag symptoms such as dizziness. I’ve used it myself with success to relieve the dizziness after a 35 hour airplane journey!

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