The Value of Essential Oils

“A doctor who treats disease after it has happened is a mediocre doctor… A doctor who treats disease before it happens is a superior doctor.”

The Yellow Emperor

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it was common to pay a monthly or weekly fee to the doctor. Everyone in the village paid a small fee to the village’s doctor as long as they were healthy. This may seem awkward but if you really think about it this means that medicine and also the “remedies” were actually concerned about people’s wellbeing and health and it would be expected that people were trained to have healthy habits incorporated in their routines.

When I tell people about the oils, one of the most common questions I get is: “How much are the oils?”. Since we are living in an era where we must trade our work, living hours and overall youth and sometimes health for an income that will sustain us and buy us food and shelter it is more than a normal question to address every time you speak of a good, because every good will have a (monetary) price. However when people ask me that question I can never give a straight answer because what I immediately think is: “How much is your health worth to you?”. Essential oils are made of seeds and plants as I explained in this post where I also share the main common usages of the oils. Essential oils have been used since older days as medicine to treat illnesses or alleviate symptoms. They are the compounds in the basis of the pharmaceutical industry products. Essential oils come from our planet and given their powerful capacities they can (and are by some) considered gifts from the Earth. Our planet has knowledge and resources to take care of us, we just have to learn or remind ourselves how to incorporate them in our daily lives. This does obviously not mean that medicine isn’t helpful and even mandatory. We have developed ourselves and our societies so much and we have done so thanks to the capacity to cure injuries such as a broken leg. That is something that we as a human race should hold as one of our proudest achievements, the capacity of opening a human body and help it heal. The two things are not mutual exclusive, they are actually quite complementary.

Essential oils and food are what we could call “the doctor at home”. As Hippocrates brilliantly presented it: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. They are the way we nourish our body guaranteeing that it remains at its full capacities and it is able to proceed as the intelligent living organism that it is. One single drop of an essential oil is extremely powerful as some of you who have tasted my peppermint oil can testify. Essential oils are highly concentrated and that is the main reason why they have such a deep impact in the symptoms we may be experiencing or in boosting our system to remain healthy and clean. Since they are so concentrated it is important to assure the quality of the oils we choose. Just like the food we eat, so for the oils it’s better to have few but good than a lot and bad. Each oil has a wide scope of action and can be used in several different ways (which I will address in future posts in this website) and it is also important to assure the sources where the plants of the oil come from, as well as the impact it has in our planet.

So instead of asking ourselves “How expensive it is?” I encourage ourselves to ask “How much is our wellbeing worth?”, “What changes do we want to see in the world for ourselves and for our children?”, “What power have we as consumers and how can we use it?”. The more I use essential oils the more I find them astonishingly powerful! I like to call them happiness in a bottle, because they nourish one’s life in deeper ways than I could ever imagined when I started to test them. So I encourage everybody to try them for themselves and find out what is the impact they have in one’s life, in that way each person will find what is the value of essential oils.

If you want to know more about the value of the oils check out this video.

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