Oscars 2017: and the Oil goes to…

This post was previously published, just before the 2017 Academy Award Edition.

What do Nominees smell like?

Tonight is the Academy Awards Ceremony also known as the Oscar’s Night. It will take place at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center. Did you ever wonder how the Leading Ladies and Gents smell like? I have! And here’s a little preview of the essential oils that each of them would smell like:

The Ladies

Isabelle Hupert is nominated for her role in Elle. Her characters often have a dark side and this talented French actress would of course smell like sophistication and what better oil to bring that together than Juniper Berry?

Emma Stone is like a summer breeze. She’s nominated for La La Land where she plays a person who deeply believes in dreams. This talented young actress would reflect her fluidity with the vibrant scent of Bergamot essential oil.

Meryl Streep is nominated for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins. This is a professional of the movie industry and his often nominated. Whatever role we may see her in she always delivers it perfectly. Her versatility would blend with Lavender essential oil, the most universal of oils.

Natalie Portman is nominated for her role in Jackie. The actress is able to adapt to any role and her elegance would be totally expressed by Rose essential oil.

Ruth Negga is nominated for her perfomance in Loving. The Ethiopian-Irish actress has worked in several different roles in a wide variety of genders. The exoticism of her leading choices and her own roots would match with the joyful scent of  Ylang Ylang.

The Gents

Casey Affleck is nominated for his role in Manchester by the Sea. The actor often plays difficult dense characters with a lot of inner pain. The essential oil that would fit as glove in this pattern would be Thyme.

Ryan Gosling is nominated for his role in La La Land. The actor has delighted us in a wide variety of films, always with that same humility in his eyes and the surrender to a higher consciousness which would be totally represent by warm scent of Sandalwood essential oil.

Denzel Washington is nominated by Fences. The actor has a long career and has presented us with brilliant interpretations along the years. They always have a taste of expressiveness and presence which would be enhanced by Patchouli.

Andrew Garfield has given us a touching performance in Hacksaw Ridge. The actor plays a rooted individual very centered in his beliefs and Vetiver totally expresses that nature.

 Last, but not least, my personal favourite: Viggo Mortensen. He is nominated for his remarkable role in Captain Fantastic where he plays a character that could have only be played by him, an actor with strong convictions and an immense generosity. The oil that reflects this way of living and being is Cedarwood.

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