Interview with Veterinarian Joana Dias

One of the most common questions that I get is “can essential oils be used in animals?”. And the answer is: yes, they can! And not only can they be used as they should be used, because animals can get great benefits by the usage of essential oils. Just like for humans, the application of essential oils for animals needs care and I will address some of the essential oils that can be used for animals and how to use them soon.

Today, I would like to share with you the exclusive interview to Joana Dias, a veterinarian who works in Porto, Portugal and who has been seeing the application of essential oils in animals with great success. So in her own words:

1 – When did you see for the first time the application of essential oils in animals?

For more or less a year and I must say I was positively surprised with the results.

2 – What are the main symptoms treated with essential oils in animals?

In different types of stress, both acute and chronic. I am talking about intensive animal production, which means that animals suffer different types of interactions, from moving from installation, exposure to different hierarchies, vaccination, or even caloric stress which makes them ingest less and as a consequence there is a decrease in the conversion rate (they are not able to absorb food as well they should because they are stressed) and what I have been seeing is that with the usage of essential oils animals present less fluctuations in the ingestion of food.

3 – What are the main methods you have seen to make animals interact with essential oils?

By ingestion with the food.

4 – How can essential oils support animals in case they need, based on your experience?

With the excessive use of medications, I honestly think that essential oils are a far better solution. Although the range of action is not the same, I think (and I have seen) that they are an excellent alternative in which we should invest more and more.

Skin at Heart thanks Joana Dias for being available for this interview and for the specialized point of view based on the experience as a veterinarian in the interaction between essential oils and animals.

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