Interview with Vera Mendes from Tips2Trips

Vera Mendes is not only a good friend, but also the creator of the very informative and inspiring blog Tips2Trips. In Tips2Trips, Vera shares the latest promotions about flights and/or travelling deals to allow anyone who follows the site to be closer to just book that so wanted trip.

In this interview, Vera shares with us some of her health and wellness tips when it comes to travelling. Get inspired!

1 – What are your travel essentials?

When I’m traveling, especially long journeys, I try to take all that makes me feel as comfortable as possible.

I always take the tooth brush and every time I stop at an airport or stations I take the chance to keep a fresh breath 🙂 I also take a moisturizer, a lipstick and some eye drops because the air conditioning in the airplanes leaves my eyes much more sensitive. It is also important not to forget refreshing wipes because they are useful for many things!!!

In long trips, I also like to take comfortable clothes and warm socks or resting tights, so I can remove the shoes and to prevent the legs from feelings fatigued.

2 – How do you keep healthy eating habits while you travel?

I try to consume the least possible at airports.

I always take an empty bottle and I fill it with water after I pass the security check. With a water bottle I guarantee I keep myself hydrated during the waiting time.

As for food, for the waiting periods I try to take boiled eggs and fruit, because they’re easy to carry and they’re always tasty.

At the airplanes the menus are already selected so there aren’t many options… I basically avoid food with sauces, because I never really know how my stomach will react.

3 – Do you keep any physical exercice routine or body care while you travel? How do you keep that habit?

It’s not always easy to keep a fitness routine while on vacation, but I’m one of those who loves to know everything everywhere, so I walk a lot and in the end of the day it’s a lot of walked miles.

When I travel and spend more time at a certain place and can enjoy it more, I usually take tennis and do morning runs… That way, I wake up early, exercise and then I have the rest of the day for sightseeing.

Trips are meant to be enjoyed as much as possible!

4 – Do you have any emotional balance habit? How does that habit supports you during the trip?

I don’t have the habit of writing or keeping a journal, but since I’ve created Tips2Trips, I’ve started to take notes about the prices and schedules of some things, to be able to clarify and help my readers/followers.

When I take longer trips and with longer waiting times, I usually take a book (Kindle is the best option so it takes the least possible weight) and playlists of my favourite songs for varied moments: relax, dance, etc…

During my trips I have visited several sacred places for different religions and there I try to take that time to reflect and do some instropection while I’m visiting those lovely locations.

5 – What are your general tips to keep up with health and wellness while traveling?

During my trips I like to try everything the country has to offer, including all the national dishes and drinks. However, I try to make the same number of meals I usually do back home and include fruit as much as possible.

Even though a good night’s sleep is very important, during my trips I don’t really do it and I end up more tired than when I have started 🙂 I like to enjoy each moment of the trip, so I try to sleep during the traveling time: planes, bus, trains…

6 – What last words would you like to share with Skin at Heart’s readers?

Enjoy each trip in a different way, don’t try to make comparisons between places, beauties, museums or gastronomy… each country, each place, each people, has their own unique characteristics that must be absorbed and enjoyed.

Try to keep your physical and food habits or routines so that you are at your best and you are able to truly enjoy the journey!

Skin at Heart is grateful to Vera Mendes from Tips2Trips for this inspiring interview.

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