Interview with Personal Stylist Deborah Ferrari

Deborah Ferrari is a beautiful, successful and inspiring Personal Stylist founder of Deborah Ferrari Style Consulting, whom I’m honoured to call my friend. Deborah is charming and always delights everybody with her stylish looks. Since I miss our long conversations a lot on a wide variety of topics that could go from fashion to the meaning of life, I am proud to bring you today this interview on Deborah’s work and why the way we choose to dress is our own statement and may have an important role in uplifting us and bringing us the confidence we may need in dark days.

1 – Since when was your love for fashion born?

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved fashion, giving opinions on my Mother’s looks and color combination… To look at shop windows was one of our favorite programs of mother and daughter. Later I was complimented by my friends and work colleagues for my style and many asked me for outfit suggestions, which I’ve always given with greatest pleasure. But only more or less two years ago did I knew that I could turn this passion into a profession.

2 – How did Deborah Ferrary Style Consulting was born?

It was thanks to two friends. First one friend asked me some years ago if I knew what was Personal Shopping, because she had hired such a service in London and she loved it and she said that she could see myself offering that service. That stayed on my mind and, I recall that I’ve investigated on the subject, if there were Personal Shoppers where I live and so forth, but I ended up not taking any attitude about it. Only several months afterwards, when I was commenting with a friend of mine about that conversation, did I realized my mission: she loved the idea of Personal Shopping and she asked me to be my first client. I organized her wardrobe and I made a list of the items she was missing and went shopping. It went so well that her colleagues started to comment on it and compliment the change and I was able to get more clients through her. That gave me the motivation and I started to invest in creating the site and my networking grew from there.

3 – What are the services and products of Deborah Ferrari Style Consulting?

The services are personal and go from buying one single look for a special event to a whole package, which includes organizing the wardrobe and going shopping. What is common to all of them is that I make the analysis based on the type of body and the color analyses. I also like to talk with the client and understand her profile, her lifestyle, her challenges and how can I help her feel more comfortable, prettier, more elegant and more confident after that service.

4 – What is the impact that the way we present to the world has in our humor and self-esteem?

The impact is huge and quite often underestimated. There are studies that show that a simple change in the routine like making the bed in the morning or the posture we chose for an important meeting may triple the chance of being successful in a certain task. Imagine then the power that there is in what we use daily! The way we dress is a powerful form of expression and it can influence the way we think about ourselves as the way the others perceive us and respond to us! But the greatest impact, in my opinion, is exactly the way we feel; when I’m more comfortable, prettier and confident in what I’m wearing, I feel like I can face anything.

5 – What are your tips to always be stylish? How to be able to achieve a stylish look even in the most difficult days when we wake up tired or unmotivated? What are the details that make the difference?

Style is something unique, it’s an identity, so first it is important that the person knows herself and looks in the mirror with different colors and shapes and hears her own intuition of what favors her the most, what makes her feel prettier. So you should bet in garments that make you smile. If you need inspiration I suggest to use social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest and to facilitate life I also recommend that you leave the looks for the week prepapred because you save time and stress each morning. For the days when nothing seems to help, put your hands in the old classics that never miss like the little black dress, jeans and white shirt, a structured blazer with a solid color, the trench coat and an accessory to make the visual less obvious.

6 – What last words would you like to share with Skin at Heart?

I see fashion as a powerful tool to help us be ourselves and also as a mean to express our creativity, our roots, our sense of humor. As we take care of our diet, our skin, our body, our mind, taking care of our image is demonstrating love and affection for ourselves and observing the positive impact in our humor, self-esteem and confidence. I believe that we are looking for happiness and in that search there must be a balance between learning and searching being better each day while at the same feeling grateful and happy with all those conquers and with what we are, and have no doubt that the way you dress is a great helper for that balance.

Skin at Heart is grateful to Deborah for this wonderful interview.

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