Interview with Martina Fajarudin

I have met Martina at the Kung Fu Retreat when she visited Nam Yang with her husband. We immediately connected since we had a lot of passions in common. Martina is a beautiful soul with a very mystical vibe. After working in Europe for several years in Law and Fashion, Martina has moved to Asia where she currently lives. Her graceful approach to life is very inspiring and in this interview, Martina shares a little bit about her path and vision.

1 – Tell us a little bit about your path: from Europe to Asia!

Me, as an artist, a paralegal, a vegetarian (mostly).

It was necessary to leave all this material world based on money, on running for being a success, fake rationships, human games that always happened in a wrong way… To find something. Something more simple, but truly valuable. Humanity. Being helpful. Being a good person. That means leave everything that I’ve ever known.

And after that i came to Indonesia, to the middle of the jungle in Lombok Island.

2 – What are the main lessons you’ve learned while traveling?

Live with the flow. Because there is no better moment than right here, right now.

3 – How do you keep yourself healthy and stylish while traveling?

I try to keep my body active.

Meditate as much as i can.

Do Yoga as well.

Understand myself like a person.

Eat every day something green.


Drink coconut and water.

Clean my face 3x times a day and use Aloe Vera.

I get inspired by a local traditions and transfer it to a modern version of daily clothing.

4 – Why did you decide to visit a Kung Fu Retreat and how was your experience at Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat?

You’re defining your limits.

I was curious what I was capable to do and how much I could cross my borderlines. And also my passion for weapons and sports in general.

I was always thinking about myself like a warrior and fight as a hero, like Xena or princess Fantagiro.

5 – How can people cultivate more love and compassion towards each other?

The highest state I have experienced is simply the result of how much open I was.

So to begin with: take the time with another person. 

Talk and be real.

Listen and don’t judge.

And that will allow you to find a connection with other cultures or other human beings.

6 – Any last words you would like to share with Skin at Heart’s readers?

Swim in the waters.


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