Interview with Make up Artist Ana Sofia from Miss Cashmere

As a huge fan of makeup myself – I actually have a version of that famous Elizabeth Taylor quote that I say like this “Practice your Sum Chien, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together!” – and a deep believer on its healing power, it is a pleasure to bring you the interview with makeup artist Ana Sofia from Miss Cashmere. We met in college and our passion for makeup has been growing as we go through life. Ana Sofia is pursuing it and turning it into a love story, splashing beauty wherever she goes.

Makeup does have the ability to boost our mood by enhancing our creativity and contributing to our self confidence, being therefore a powerful ally for any woman!

1 – Can you share with us your path and how did your for passion for make-up was born?

Well, since I remember I’ve always been very feminine and loved colors. I remember when I was a little girl to have a box filled with colorful acessories for hair that I combined with the clothes before going to school. So the road to make-up was quite natural. With the internet boom and Youtube I discovered a lot of makeup artists (Camila Coelho is my top favorite! I love her!) and by the time I was in college I risked buying my first big palette of eye shadows: Naked 2. It was so revolutionary, not just for the money but because I realized that I really had the touch for it and I could do a lot more than a black mark on the eye line. It ended up being a form of expressing my creativity, something I’ve always felt necessity throughout my life, other than my regular day. From there I created my blog where it is possible to keep up with my work.

Recently I’ve engaged in a professional Makeup Course that I’m loving and I’m also making up people for several events contributing that they may feel a little bit more special in these days.

2 – What are your daily skincare routines and what do you recommend?

My number one rule is: more important than putting on your makeup is to remove it. It is so mandatory like brushing your teeth in the evening! And it is something that no matter how tired I am, I always always do! It is so important that our skin is clean during the evening, that it can recover and get some rest from the products we use during the day! But that Skin at Heart knows better than me! 😉

As for skincare routine: I use a moisturizer before I apply the makeup on. I choose a cream or foundation with sunscreen protection. Then, for those who wish to go further, I use a cleaning product and a tonic in the morning and in the evening to make sure the skin is properly clean. Cleaning the skin is the secret!

3 – How does applying makeup influences the mood of a person, specially emotionally? What can you tell us about your personal experience and with your clients?

There is a word that is very fashionable these days: empowerment! I believe that makeup has the power of giving us power, of making us feel good, pretty and brave. It enhances our confidence! Either it’s because we dare to use a red lipstick or because we apply that smoky eye. We don’t really know why, but it immediately boosts our self-confidence! We have to be able of taking care of ourselves, nourishing ourselves. It’s not stopping to be ourselves or hiding our natural beauty, it’s enhancing it, making it pop out. The goal is to be ourselves!

With my clients, I always reach out for the same: that they feel good, happy and pretty. It is the best award I can have!

4 – What final words would you like to share with Skin at Heart readers?

My final message is to invite everybody to risk it! Follow your dreams without fear, explore that hobbie that was long stopped in time, make things different and that make you happy. Make things that make you get up from bed on a Saturday morning and explore new possibilities. I see more and more examples of that around me, people looking for something more than their professional lives. Invest in yourself! Changing brings new paths, new knowledge and new people. Go for it!

Skin at Heart is thankful to Ana Sofia for sharing with us her path and the secret powers of makeup.

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