Interview with Dr. Lara Briden

As I have stated in this post,  I have read Lara Briden’s book: Period Repair Manual and I was positively surprised with the useful information I could find in this book. I would like to thank Dr. Lara for sharing such precious information and I would like to share with you the exclusive interview to Dr. Lara Briden about women’s health.

1 – What has compel you to write Period Repair Manual?

After twenty years of treating women’s health with nutrition and herbal medicine, I decided to compile a list of natural treatments that really work. To help not just my own patients, but women throughout the world.

2 – What are the main issues that women these days are facing as regards to women’s health?

As I explain in my book, hormonal birth control can be detrimental to women’s health. It can cause depression and problems with the intestinal bacteria (microbiome). And it can be difficult to get off. Many women experience post-Pill acne and irregular periods. Other causes of hormone problems include exposure to environmental toxins and a junk food, high-sugar diet.

3 – What are the top recommendations you would give to women who wish to be healthy (and have healthy happy periods)?

1) healthy, nutrient-dense diet. 2) reduction of stress. 3) consider taking magnesium (the miracle mineral for periods).

What can teenagers to ensure hormone balancing in that sensitive time of a woman’s life and how can parents support their daughters during that transition?

Teens often face the problem of acne, and also painful and heavy periods. In my book, I talk about the strategy of 1) dairy-free diet, 2) zinc, and 3) turmeric for those common teen period problems.

4 – Any last words or general advise you would like to share with us on women’s health?

The body wants to have regular, healthy periods. It can usually do so when it is given the right support.

Skin at Heart thanks Dr. Lara Briden for being available for this interview. As I said Period Repair Manual  is a very insightful book on women’s health and it guides each woman in practical steps in how to take health into her own hands. I also follow Dr. Lara Briden’s blog where it is possible to find important information on relevant topics on women’s health.

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