INGAH Education Center

This week I had the great honor of visiting INGAH, education center. This school was created by a friend of mine who felt like there was no adequate response for her three children from the traditional educational options. Indeed, children need, above all, a place to be, a place that allows them to be themselves, a place that cherishes inner-freedom and self-discovery. INGAH was born to be a humanistic response in the creation and education of conscious human beings. It’s unique in Portugal and one of the first around the world, a new way to face education, a new way to form human beings!

Published by Natalia Costa

I love laughing out loud, sharing wellness (raising energy) is one of my greatest joys and communicating from integrity is key to me. I believe that being playful in an emotionally charged planet is the key to enjoy the ever present synchronicity. The journey is the destination!

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